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Can You Live Happily in a Sexless Marriage

Sexless marriages are becoming more common. Couples stop trying and over time the marriage stays, but the intimacy just slowly flows away like sand through an hourglass. It may even seem like no big deal. Letting your connection to your partner go is not something to take lightly. It’s also true that sex isn’t the […]

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Does Flirting Count As Cheating?

As people and society evolve, relationships evolve as well. What was once seen as something unacceptable, can later become the norm. For instance, online dating was once considered something weird and that you should be embarrassed to admit to doing it. The same thing happened with breaking up with someone over text. The younger generation […]

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Is Watching Porn While In A Relationship Considered Cheating?

Every relationship is different; therefore, their rules will differ from one another. What is considered infidelity in an open relationship may be perceived as something else in a monogamous one.  Watching porn is normal behavior, but it doesn’t mean that it’s accepted in every social interaction, especially when we’re talking about romantic relationships. The point […]

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