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Best Clothes To Cover Tattoos For Work : Men & Women

It can be frustrating that people still are judgmental when it comes to tattooed people. Especially in certain social settings such as the workplace. Depending on your job title, the rules and social expectations will change and become more restricted. This will be the kind of places where having a tattoo will be a problem. […]

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Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense

Brass Knuckles have been synonymous with getting into a brawl. Anyone who has been in a fight can tell you, taking a punch isn’t like it is in the movies. You feel the punch, and if you get punched hard enough somewhere important you can be completely knocked out and can even die. However, most […]

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Best Dash Cam to Record Police to Keep Them Honest

A police officer can save your life. They can catch criminals, break up fights, and bust meth labs to make the world a safer place. Most of them care about their fellow humans enough to put their life on the line to help keep our society civil. Unfortunately, they’re all human, just like the rest […]

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Best Cane To Use Against An Attacker

Canes are great tools for self-defense. Even though they’re not often used or think of as such things, they can be a much-needed weapon for self-defense, if you know how to use them. The best thing about using a cane against an attacker is that they will never see it coming. They don’t expect you […]

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Best Voice Activated Recorder To Catch A Cheater

The worst thing in a relationship is the break of trust. When you can’t trust the person that you are sharing your life with, there’s no point in continuing the relationship. Still, a lot of people need proof before making a final decision. Or maybe you just want the proof in order to ask for […]

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Best Belt to Use for Defense: Belt it Out

Everyone needs to protect themselves, but you aren’t allowed to bring your gun into many places. If that wasn’t bad enough, you can’t have a taser or pepper spray either. Moreover, you can get in a ton of trouble for being armed. Everything you’ve got to keep yourself safe is suddenly putting you at risk […]

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