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Does Female Discharge Glow Under a Blacklight

Blacklights are good for more than psychedelic posters and night clubs. There are numerous rocks and even animals that fluoresce under the glow. From fish to scorpions, there are plenty of natural pigments that show up as bright as day. Cat pee and fabric softener are among the more interesting liquids that glow, but what […]

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How Secure Are Combination Safes

I recently heard of a house burglary, where the victim lost money and important documents. That got me thinking about how much trouble they could’ve have avoided if they had a safe to store important documents in. It also got me thinking about how much secure they actually are. Is it so easy to break […]

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Can Drones See Inside Your House?

With the advancement of technology, a few things become a major concern as well as great allies. Drones, for instance, can help fight crime and terrorists, but at the same time, they can be allies to people trying to break the law. In recent years, it has become common practice for paparazzi to use drones […]

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Can a Bullet Really Break a Padlock?

Movies are compelling. The good ones are convincing, especially when they sell the same story over and over. It’s brilliant manipulation and quite underappreciated. Unfortunately, the tactic leads to tropes, cliches that are not based in reality. Good guys always win is a classic example. Much like the guns that never run out of bullets […]

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