Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense

Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense

Brass Knuckles have been synonymous with getting into a brawl. Anyone who has been in a fight can tell you, taking a punch isn’t like it is in the movies. You feel the punch, and if you get punched hard enough somewhere important you can be completely knocked out and can even die. However, most people do not have the ability to punch someone to death. More often than not, unless you are a fighter that spends a lot of time in the gym, you might be hardpressed to actually put up much of a fight in any situation.

The brass knuckle, however, is one fantastic equalizer. It does not matter if the person you might find yourself defending against is 6 foot 4 inches, or has a 50 pounds on you, you have a fighting chance if you even get one solid hit in.

The 5 Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense

For those looking to even the fight for any defensive situation, look no further. Let’s look over the best picks for the brass knuckles for self-defense.

1. Stealth Knuckles™ – 100% Non-Metal

Starting off the list we have an option for those worried for an attack at a moments notice. This knuckleduster is made out of high-density poly-carbon plastic, that is incapable of being shattered. The lightweight nature of these knuckles also ensures that even those that lack physical strength will barely feel the weight. While it might not be as powerful as a fully metal knuckle, the ability to get them passed off in areas of high security is a major advantage. For those slightly more paranoid, this stealth knuckle is the ideal defense during late night walks or out on the town. The dark color of the resin will ensure that it will be glossed over from a quick glance.

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2.The Original Brass Knuckles

These are the classic concept of the brass knuckles you would see in a gangster movie. These knuckles are made out of 100% nautical brass, known to be strong against corrosion. These knuckles are built to deal with damage and look flashy at the same time. Due to the very bright nature of the knuckle, there are issues with concealment. However, this can be actually useful as the knuckle can be passed off as a paperweight. This means this brass knuckle can be put in plain sight without too much issue. Keep in mind however that these are also much heavier than others on this list, just about 6 oz, or about the weight of a water bottle.

For those looking for a classic feel to a classic weapon here!

3. Wide-Top “Midnight Chrome” Knuckles

This next knuckle duster is a different style than the others on this list. This is due to a modification to the top part of the brass knuckle, or the actual knuckle itself. The widen part of the knuckles creates a much larger surface area making it both easier to both hits someone and deters further attacks. The midnight chrome is a nice touch, allowing the user to have a slight bit of sneakiness. Although this item is still about the same weight as a water bottle, the widened top allows for a little more coverage if you end up in a fight.

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4.Irish Devil Knuckles

These knuckles are almost exactly what you might imagine, and they pack a punch. These brass knuckles are set apart from the rest on this list due to the very interesting effect of having spikes 4 between every knuckle point. This modification is very dangerous, as it is able to cause a lot of damage with just a glancing blow. Made out of brass finished steel, the overall weight of this knuckle comes into 13 ounces, a little under a pound. The size of the brass knuckle is also slim enough to fit in a pocket or hidden inside a jacket. As this type of knuckle is very dangerous to actually use, be mindful of its utility. What it lacks in the subtlety of looks, it makes up for in pure power. However, be sure to keep in mind that this type of knuckleduster will be a deterrent but is very dangerous as with enough force that you could easily end up putting someone in the hospital.

For those interested in dancing with the devil, but come out on top, look here!

5. .44 Magnum Two Finger Punch Knuckles

Probably never heard of a two finger brass knuckle before right? Well, feast your eyes on this miniaturized version of the classic brass knuckle. This knuckle duster covers the two fingers at a time, and are lightweight and easy to hide. While it is not as strong as a wide top brass knuckle or as flashy, this is the type of knuckle duster you bring with you for just in case. The size of this item can fit in the palm of your hand and measures less than 1/4 of an inch wide. This is a must have for those wanting to have a little extra protection without being outright with it, you can even keep these on a keychain as a decorative piece.

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Where did Brass Knuckles Originate From?

Brass knuckles are a relatively new invention, dating back to the 1800s, as a weapon for hand to hand combat. Although the derivatives such as wearing rings of various metals have been used before, it was in the onset of several wars including the American Civil War that ignited the recognition that exists today.  Interestingly, the brass knuckles used in the Civil War were usually fashioned from wood or repurposed metal from the battlefield.

What Are the Different Types of Brass Knuckles?

While there have been many innovations in other types of weapons, brass knuckles or “knuckle dusters” retain their defensive capabilities throughout the ages. Some modern variations are brass knuckles attached to knives, better known as trench knives. These types of knives were used in trenches when the arena to fight was measured in feet. Another type of knuckle, are spiked knuckles known for their ability to not only pierce the skin but be actually capable of chipping bone as well.

Are There Ways to Fight With Brass Knuckles?

There have been many different styles of fighting incorporating brass knuckles. Since brass knuckles are an added bonus to those who are well versed in hand to hand combat, and those who are especially strong and fast can find themselves being able to break teeth and bone with ease. However, out of every type of fighting style, it would most likely be boxing that is most effective. This is due to the fighting style being oriented with a lot of footwork and putting in as much weight and speed behind every punch you throw out. This translates to even the biggest toughest guys might just since the quick jabs, and hard hits would be sure to cause damage to just about anyone no matter their size.

Is It Illegal to Own Brass Knuckles?

It is very dependent on where you are in the United States, and what country you call home.  Cities like Chicago make it illegal to be found possessing a brass knuckle. In fact, most shipping companies and distributors of brass knuckles will outright cancel the package from going out if Chicago is the receiving address. Places around the world ban the making and import of brass knuckles, but there have been loopholes found in those looking for them. Distributors have also found ways to mask brass knuckles as either a novelty item or paperweight. Some have sellers have been able to make them into belt buckles! In any case, however, be sure to double-check what is legal or not in your area. In fact, you might find yourself under prosecution instead of the person that jumped.

Can I Get Charged If I Defend Myself With A Brass Knuckle?

Depending on the situation if you pull out your brass knuckles or any type of variation during a fight that does not involve a similar weapon or multiple assailants could find you in trouble with the law. The most probable way that you will be charged is either with assault with a deadly weapon or excessive force. In any situation that you find yourself in, be sure to see if you can run first. Usually, if situations like this occur and you have time to think about it, you can get away without any issues. If you have no time to even think of running, and reflex is the difference between life or death, do not hesitate to defend yourself. While it might be harder to win a legal case that way, you’ll be alive for it at the very least.

Final Thoughts

Brass knuckles are not the end all be all defensive weapon, but they are one fantastic weapon. Sure, you might need to be physically fit and capable of getting a good punch in, but when you knock someone out with a single punch to the jaw, you can not deny the results. Never forget to

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