Facts about Quiet Guys

Often going as Mr. Misunderstood or Misses, quiet people can be sensitive to topics, their own passions and life, letting them brew under the surface and not always sharing their thoughts. The often associated attribute to quiet guys is that they may be more nervous, anxious, but also more caring. Here are facts about quiet guys as we all try to amply understand them. Do these facts help one know do women like quiet men?

Quiet is often associated with better listening: If someone is quiet, they have a lot going on in their head. They’re taking in their surroundings; the sights, the scents, the feelings, as well as sound. Listening to conversations has been often associated with being a quiet person’s strong suit. 

Creativity: Creativity is not the idea that someone can pull something out of their head at any possible second, but that they may have a different understanding of a situation than those around them. Creativity presents itself in many different ways. An artist has an idea before he paints, a thinker has thought before they speak and so on and so forth. 

Content with being shy: They often think before they jump in, just as their thoughts brim and boil into words, they’ll be observant of the conversation around them before they make that decision to get into it. 

Slow to negative emotions coming to Fruition: Not that being quiet is associated with positivity, but it’s not often associated with negativity either. A quiet person will let their thoughts grow, sometimes it’ll fester into more irrational, neurotic ways of thinking, but those will continue to sit until a tipping point is found, so be careful and conscientious of quiet people.

Friends Close, Enemies far: A quiet person enjoys one on one conversations with their friends and may not do as well in groups. They have a few tight-knit friends and relish in that fact more so than going out and finding more. The friends they have are the friends they love, and more often than not they’re not searching for more unless the right person comes into their life.

Self-Reliance: A quiet person is reliant on themselves. They do not seek others to fill the bouts of silence they go through. They welcome thoughts like woods to a storm, weathering them effortlessly no matter how tiresome. Self-sufficiency is embedded into their code.

Speaking candidly, and necessary: Quiet types let their thoughts age into a type of conversation they wish to share with others when it is the right time, and place; though neither of that is often true. Speaking when they deem necessary is due to their own ideals and way of viewing the world. Silence, like ignorance, is bliss — but breaking it is sometimes necessary.

Truth over Rumors: Learning more about someone’s true self rather than the gossip they hear is pivotal to a quiet person’s existence. Everyone has a lot going on in their heads and drama and ill portrayed are not something they let burrow. Folks like this would rather hear about your life than a false one someone else is trying to portray. 

Patience: Quiet people are patient, just as new people in their life should be when warming up to them. Society fast-track most people through walks of life they may not deem necessary, a quiet person sits and thinks and makes a decision when they fully understand what the outcome means. 

Some of these facts could be considered more subjective than objective, but of the quiet people we know in life, they may fit into some of these traits. 

The important thing to know is that no one will ever fit whatever ideals you hold, it’ll wax and wane. Some might fit it to a tee, but maybe they’re not being honest with your or themselves. Regardless, knowing more about the people around you is always more beneficial than being left in the unknown. 

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