Do Women like Quiet Men?

You’re prattling your fingers against a table, you’re on a date, but it doesn’t feel that way. They’re silent, not speaking unless spoken too, but they don’t feel disinterested? It’s hard to grasp, you’re unsure, but you do like this person, so what do you do? 

Whether you’re the person on the date pushing to get answers, or on the opposite side feeling like you’re being put on blast. You’re wondering to yourself, do women like quiet men? Also important is how can a quiet guy attract a girl?

This is a highly debatable topic that’s pitted by one controversy: being quiet doesn’t make you interesting. Furthermore, being quiet does not make it someone else’s job to make you open up about yourself. There are different types of quiet. Those that do not wish to speak often and those that are too afraid to speak. 

So do women like quiet men, is debatable. Liking someone based on their attributes depends entirely upon the one who is being attracted. Some women love the quiet types, the ones who will listen for hours and only say a few words. For other women, that’s not what they want. They want someone who is more commanding in conversation and will take charge. 

If you view being quiet as an end-all-be-all for a relationship starter, you’re looking at it as some superficial trait. Even if being quiet is a way of being for some, judging someone based on that singular precedent they’ve set is a great way to ground your relationship. 

Viewing being quiet as any other trait is more beneficial than just asking “do women like quiet men?” Women can like some types of quiet men while being completely disinterested in others, it’s about the situation. Both of you can be Bills fans yet not have a connection beyond that. It’s best to pull back the layers of what it means to be quiet and view it as a subset of other traits. 

Some of the key traits of someone being quiet: 

  • Observant
  • Possibly good listening skills
  • In their head
  • Careful with the words they say
  • Enjoy the indoors or places with less people
  • Not as socially outgoing, but definitely not anti-social
  • And many more…

The problem that lies with being quiet is the mystique presented to others about yourself. Once a quiet person speaks, it falls on the words to capture the minds of those around them. Some might think “this is why they don’t say much, what they have to say is important” or “This is why they don’t say much, they have nothing to say.” 

It is obviously more diverse than just this or that when it comes to someone being quiet. Mistaking being quiet for aloofness or apathy is a common occurrence, and does not mean that person does not care. Use a baseline, if someone is more quiet on some things while not being so on others, they may not wish to speak on topics they do not have a clear grasp on.

Women liking a quiet guy is the same as women liking a loud guy, it’s about the connection. Someone could be the IDEAL partner to another party, but the second they meet, the sparks don’t fly and embers fade away. That’s perfectly normal and okay and there is no reason for one to worry that them being ‘themself’ was the incorrect move. 

Relegating such a complex question as “Do women like quiet men?” to a simple yes or no answer is not applicable. Every situation is different, every person is different. What may work for you may not work for others, it’s all about living your life and being the best you you can be whilst attracting others. 

Women like quiet men, they like loud men, they like masculine men, and they like feminine men. It has nothing to do with a certain aspect of who someone is, but more so with who that person actually is. Be yourself, and you’ll be better for it. 


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