The Best Diversion Safes for Weed (5 Stashes To Store Your Secret Stash!)

Imagine you have hidden your weed from your partner, but can’t remember where. What was supposed to be a brilliant place to stash your supreme weed has turned into nothing but a ticking time bomb as it is a matter of time before your partner stumbles upon some weed tucked into her sock drawer.

You panicked and hid your paraphernalia in a place you can even pretend to remember because you were not prepared with one of the best diversion safes for weed.

Let us say that you buy a diversion safe for your secret stash to hide it from your children and partner (if they disapprove). Can it really help you keep your weed hidden and yet in plain sight and accessible?

You might not think that a diversion safe has many more uses and benefits than storing weed in an obvious yet invisible place, but you would be surprised how a good diversion safe can help out your habit. With a diversion safe, you can:

    • Safeguard and protect sensitive information, photos, and data (like a USB drive).
    • Have instant access to paraphernalia and premium weed for storing in your car, garage, kitchen, or living room.
    • Keep hidden notes and journals on your investigation into your partner’s new and suspicious habits.
    • Make an emergency kit of weed and other items to work into your routine or to have on hand in case of the need to quickly de-stress and access your stash.
  • Deny and minimize the ownership of drugs or other sensitive items by placing it in an airtight and discreet safety box.

If you are realizing that you have lost quick access to your weed and that you might need an accessible yet invisible way to store it, a diversion safe ideal for weed storage could be a useful addition to your home.

Review the top picks on our list for a diverse and well-designed start to your first (or second) diversion safe that offers secrecy and security.

The 5 Best Diversion Safes for Weed

1. Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe

In a slim and portable stainless steel body, this tumbler-style safe offers portability and security through an everyday and incognito design that you can keep in any room or in the car—even while under the watchful eye of your partner.

Its most impressive and smart feature is its dual-design that allows you to still drink out of this tumbler! No one will suspect your stash when you take a drink out of the top while keeping your weed safely stowed below. The design offers over 5 cubic inches for your valuables and nuggets and 16 ounces for keeping water on hand for that dry mouth hit.

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2. 3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller Diversion Safe

The second design on this list incorporates dual function as well to render your weed invisible and protected from prying eyes with the intelligent and portable body of a 3M lint roller. The design incredibly allows for a roomy and deep internal chamber for storing sensitive material and choice chronic.

When traveling, the lint roller is able to function as what it looks like with effective and name brand 3M power. At the same time, it will function to hide your weed and keep your clothes looking fresh and free of lint, allowing you to easily keep it in the glove compartment, hall closet, or in your suitcase.

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3. Clorox Bleach Large 55oz Bottle Diversion Safe

Coming in a deluxe and expansive form factor, the everyday look and big safety compartment of the 55 oz. Clorox Bleach bottle diversion safe can store an impressive amount of weed while reducing the risk of discovery with a “household” appearance. The jumbo bottle can hide a pipe, lighter, and weed itself with a roomy and capable base.

At home, it is never out of reach tucked under the sink. The base of the bottle simply unscrews and allows you to pull out everything you need for a quick hit. 

You can find out about availability and pricing here!

4. Jssmst Home Dictionary Diversion Metal Safe Lock Box

Brought to you by a recognized and protected name in the world of safety boxes, the classic and immortal dictionary design of our fourth selection comes in three colors of black, navy, and red, and two sizes.

Coming with a combination lock means that you never have to worry about losing your keys or access to your weed while keeping it safe from discovery.

While it is less portable and more visible than some of the other dual-function designs on this list, Jssmst offers an 18-month warranty, 24-hour customer service, and a money-back guarantee on its original and iconic design.

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5. Safe Solution Texas Hold’em Diversion Safe Cashbox with Lock

For those seeking the ability to store more than a small amount of high-quality weed as well as additional room for sensitive documents or data, this locking diversion safe by Safe Solutions is a sure bet! With an inside storage area of over 50 cubic inches, your prized possessions are incapable and key-secured hands.

Not offering dual function does not mean the design is obvious, even if it is the largest of our selections because Safe Solutions includes a decoy game of Texas Hold’em.

If your stash, valuables, and sensitive images were discovered, it would take an ox to break open this premium steel key safe which was built to keep your partner out with a lifetime guarantee!

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Final Thoughts

All of these stash-friendly diversion safes were selected because of their smart and secure designs as well as their ability to hide in plain sight. It does not matter if you are seeking a dual-function design or the most room for your pipes and paraphernalia, these are the best diversion safes for storing and supplying your weed on the go or at home. Give one of them a try through our links provided above.

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