The Best Home Security System without Monthly Fees (5 Free Monthly Security Systems!)

Sometime around 4 a.m. this morning, you hear a distant window slide open. You hear the sound from the bedroom and make your way down the hall where you think the sound is coming from.

You stop in the doorway of your child’s room, wait for additional noises to show you where the intruder or your sneaky teenager has gone. Nothing… Perhaps you have the wrong room. Perhaps you did not hear what you thought. Everything seems fine and in order, but is it safe to go back to sleep?

Back in your bed, you start to wonder what the sound was or if it was really just part of a dream. Trying to be your own alarm and security system is no way to protect your family with assurance. It leaves you open to attack, and it leaves those you need to keep an eye on able to sneak out in the night for a late rendezvous.

With your current monthly budget, what alternative is there? How can you add trust to your relationships, protect your family, and keep yourself safe from intruders and cheating?

You may not know that there are many options, and one of the better is to find one of the many that lay claim to be the best home security system without monthly fees. A home security system that watches doors, windows, entrances, and movements allow you to keep an eye on things remotely and while you are home.

Maybe you are not an expert on the variations and brands in home security, but our top 5 picks for home security without monthly fees are a great place to start adding safety, security, and peace of mind.

Home Security Without Monthly Fees

The most cost-effective home security systems for protecting your home and keeping things tightly watched use a combination of technologies to encase and enclose your home in a system of alerts.

Movement, sound, opening or closing a door—many factors are observed and used to trigger the system as it lies in wait for a signal of misdoing to appear. A home security system’s many sensors and listening capabilities allow you to rest easy at night as its technology practices constant vigilance in watching every corner of your home.

Because home security systems allow you to perceive threats and trespasses that would otherwise be impossible to wait for and observe through walls, halls, and rooms, there are many reasons to invest in a highly capable one.

The most common use of a home security system is of course as a deterrent to intruders, but they are just as capable at keeping people in as they are at keeping them out.

That is because most security systems use a series of sensors, detectors, and software to closely watch and listen to potential incidents. They smartly observe motion, light, and sound and choose to enable recording or trigger an alarm which greatly improves your ability to witness a threat or a potential cheating spouse.

Technology like this is essential for anyone serious about security and honesty, so they often come with slight variations and abilities that suit any home and purpose. Review our selections and choose the one of the five best that fits your unique, important needs.

The 5 Best Home Security System without Monthly Fees

1. iSmartAlarm Premier Home Security Package

The most capable and feature-packed system on this list, the iSmartAlarm package is designed to see and hear in any conditions with any number of entrances.

The design of the package and sensors allows it to be nearly invisible as it provides full HD video, timelapse, night vision, motion detection, and contact sensing while sending push notifications to your phone.

Finally, the system is voice-enabled allowing you to control the entire system and automation through Alexa or IFTTT.

For those wondering about prices check it out here!

2. AG-Security Professional Home Security System

With no monthly fee or contract and the ability to alert up to 6 phones simultaneously, this device is for the individual who is serious about keeping the family safe and honest. The system uses a series of 10 different sensors of various kinds to watch for motion and observe the opening of entrances in order to protect the family.

Completely wireless, the system is able to text alert you and your spouse with activity updates. Additional accessories are available to add even more reach to this robust security package.

For those wondering about pricing check it out here!

3. Skylink SK-250 Deluxe Security System

Without monthly fees, contracts, or even wires, the Skylink package has the ability to integrate up to 100 different devices, sensors, and monitors into one total observation and security system.

Monitor your home using the Skylink app for iOS or Android, integrate your system to be voice-enabled through Alexa and IFTTT, and set your system in three essential modes of Home, Away, and Panic.

Looking for product pricing check it out here!

4. Fortress Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System

More than 10 highly-sensitive triggers compose this package by Fortress Security to protect your home, family, and business. The system is adaptable and flexible for programming to your unique specifications, allowing you to dial up to 6 phones in the case of a breach or break-in.

Uniquely, this system comes with an outdoor loudspeaker capable of reaching 140 dB to deter intruders and alert neighbors to a potential threat.

Wondering about pricing check out the prices here!

5. BIBENE WP7 WiFi Wireless Alarm System

A security system that is completely WiFi-enabled allows you to keep your family protected and honest every hour of the day. BIBENE’s upgraded model and chipset impressively combines cost-effectiveness with professional ability through passive motion detectors and magnetic contact sensors capable of chiming gently or blasting an alarm deterrent.

Check out the pricing for this item here!

Final Thoughts

A silent intruder making their way through your valuables or the cheating spouse that sneaks back in bed—these secret threats never have to go unnoticed again by using a top-notch home security system without a monthly fee.

You can improve your ability to protect your family (and your relationship) by extending your ears and eyes with technology that intelligently watches for threats and alerts you to misdeeds at a moment’s notice.

We have presented only most inclusive and feature-rich systems for this top list. Whether you are seeking your first system or an upgrade, there is something on this list for you.


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