The 5 Best Lock for Pods Container (Check Out These Anti-Theft Solutions)

Container locks ensure total security, of products stored inside them, whether the containers are placed in ports, warehouses or trains. The best lock for pods container shall be made of resistant materials to bursting, hammering or industrial clamping and, even, to intelligent methods using picklocks, acid or frozen sprays.

A PODS container is a popular storage method. The containers are built of plywood over steel frames, offered in three sizes. These containers are delivered at the customer’s house, from where he can charge it with its desired items.

Afterward, the container is kept in a warehouse or shipped to the desired location.

The security of the items, within the storage containers, falls, solely, in the customer’s responsibility. Many opt for padlocks, which are easy-to-manipulate locks with shackles.

Depending on the level of security you aim to achieve, you need to consider three major features when choosing a padlock: its body, shackle, and locking mechanism.

Choosing an Anti-Theft Padlock

Nowadays, the features of the padlocks are influenced by the technology. Whether you decide to go for a modern or classic lock, it is good to know that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The market of smart (digital) padlocks gained popularity in the past years, developing its supply with various types of padlocks designed for homes, containers, garages.

Most of the smart locks operate through the use of internet, apps, computers, and mobiles. A major danger is that the software or gadgets, used in controlling the padlock, present several vulnerabilities and can be easily hacked if not properly protected.

The apps can also be replicated and, therefore, you might end up giving several permissions to a falsified lock app. This is not a general case, but it is something to think about before deciding to buy a smart lock for pods containers.

In terms of pricing, it is obvious that a smart lock will require more money in comparison with a traditional padlock. On the other hand, the smart lock offers the possibility to easily share access, to the container, for more persons, without having to take care of hundreds of keys, this being typical for traditional padlocks.

If chosen correctly, from durable materials and in the right size, the classic padlock may be a safe solution.

The 5 Best Lock for Pods Container (Keep Your Stuff Safe!)

1. ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed

 This round shaped container lock is used for common storage containers. The anti-theft device is created from high-strength steel, made with special welding technologies to ensure increased safety. All components of this padlock have the certainty of incorporating anticorrosive materials.

Its round shape makes it less easy to break by a forced opening. The item comes with 2 keys and code to fabric extra keys. Its shackle has a thickness of 9.92 mm. Customers, who lost their padlock keys, reported that it takes a very lousy machine and quite a big amount of time to break the padlock.

Check out the pricing for this item here!

2. Desired Tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock

If you are clumsy with keys, avoid losing them by choosing a keyless padlock. The container lock is based on a 4-digit combination allowing around 10,000 codes combinations meant to keep the thieves away.

The materials used are anticorrosive, the padlock is manufactured from a combination of steel and zinc. The seller offers a 3 years warranty with the possibility to return the product if it does not satisfy your needs. Being waterproof, you shall not worry that the padlock will freeze during winter.

For purchasing this item be sure to check it out here.

3. Hardcastle Shipping/Storage Container Security Lock

The steel container lock allows you to secure containers of different sizes since it provides an adjustable locking system.  To protect it from water, freezing and rusting, the lock comes with a covering cap, resistant to adverse weather conditions.

It includes two keys and a storage case made out of plastic. In order to use it, you will need a minimum distance of 8mm between the container’s door and its bar.

This container lock does not require an additional padlock since it includes the locking bolt and keys.

For more information regarding this product, take a look here.

4. FJM Security SPSA80-KA 3-1/8″ Triple Chrome Plated D-Shaped Security Padlock, Keyed Alike

A heavy padlock meant to offer high security to your stored goods. Manufactured from a mixture of steel and chrome, the item is perfect for any kind of weather conditions.

It incorporates a locking system through which you can never forget to lock your container. The padlock’s keys cannot be removed, out of the padlock, if this is in an open position.

The resistant storage unit padlock comes in two variants of keys: keyed alike or different. Therefore, depending on your tastes, you can choose the keyed alike version to open all your padlocks or you can opt for padlocks each having its own key.

Take a look at the price here! You won’t be disappointed.

5. FJM Security SX-790 4-Dial Combination Disc Padlock with Shielded Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Possible Combinations

If you are looking for a combination of resistance and keyless features, a circularly shaped padlock is suitable for you. Its shape makes it harder to break as a hammer can easily slip off. The 10,000 codes combinations are, also, hard to guess and, therefore, discouraging the crimes of thieves.

The hardened steel material is covered by a layer of stainless steel, which prevents the outdoor padlock from rusting or freezing. Ideal for storage units and shipping containers, this item can be easily reset, with a pin, in case you desire to change the security code combination.

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Final Thoughts

The Pods containers are a practical and convenient way to carry large quantities of items, whether moved or stored. However, most of the times, the containers store valuable items being a good target for thieves. This is where the problem arises for most of the customers since the security shall be ensured by them.

Container locks are a common solution. These locks ensure total container security during transport both in ports and in warehouses. The market offers even digital models, for padlocks, but most of the people opt for traditional locking methods since they are less tech-savvy, less exposed to hackers and a lot cheaper.


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