The 5 Best Self Defense Knife for a Woman (5 Blades for Safety)

Exiting an abusive or violent relationship is not easy. Perhaps you still hope that things will change or you are afraid that the harassment might begin if he discovers that you are trying to leave. Community movements like “MeToo” or “TimesUp” confirm how women are a vulnerable target for aggressors.

Whether at work, on the street or at home, self-defense remains, in most of the cases, the only solution to a woman’s harassment of any kind. Since the self-defense knife is not a common item on your monthly shopping list, you may not know what features to look for in it, so below you may find a top 5 on the best self defense knife for a woman meant to offer you helpful information.

Whether for protection, intimidation or for the sake of feeling safe, choose your favorite item among the top-rated self-defense knives.

Women Harassment in Statistics

Nobody plans to enter into an abusive relationship. Most of the individuals want to build trust, not to become abused. The situation gets harder when the relationship turns into a real danger for one of the involved partners, in most of the cases, being the women. This danger can appear during and, also, once you ended the relationship.

Even though it is hard to believe that the beloved one could ever harm you, the statistics show that nearly half of all female homicide victims are killed by their boyfriends, husbands or ex-partners.

Researches reveal that US females with previous harassment experiences are more likely to carry or possess self-defense weapons, such as guns, sprays, personal alarms, and knives. But there are, also, women who did not encounter any type of harassment, but still, prefer to carry or possess a self-defense weapon.


The 5 Best Self Defense Knife for a Woman Options

Knives are a practical self-defense weapon, used by women. Owning one will not, necessarily, get you out of trouble as it is important to know how to manage a knife in a situation requiring this. However, in dangerous situations, having a knife is always better than having bare hands.

The knife’s characteristics are something to take into account, so you can avoid dropping, breaking or not finding the knife in your purse.


1. Langxun Black Folding Pocket Knife for Women – Knife Keychain with Locking Blade

The knife’s handle shall be made of a rough material, immune to sweating. In this product, it is metallic, with contoured shapes for gripping, which prevents slipping and dropping the knife. The item comes with a sharp, resistant blade and can be attached to your keys so you can immediately grab it in case of emergency.

This is a mini version of the knife, for women who want to easily carry and disguise it. The knife provides a handy locking mechanism.

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2. Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife with Emerson Opener, Black

You shall avoid knives with a straight handle, lacking in contoured shapes, since they may become slippery and harm you due to dropping. Also, you may remain with bare hands in front of the aggressor. This textured knob product allows a good handling of the knife.

If you are looking for a knife able to create serious injuries, this is the one, since its curved shaped blade is aimed to do severe stabbing, roughly harming the aggressor. Despite being light weighted and easy to carry, even in your pocket, in the right hands, this item can do significant damage.

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3. Dark Side Ballistics DS-A019 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife, Dragon Scale Detail Blade

The knife combines the toughness with anesthetic, girlish design. In terms of efficiency, its stainless steel blade offers a medium cutting power, having a 4-inch length and 3mm thickness.  It is not as sharp as the previous knife, but it can cause damage. It incorporates a safe locking system, for the blade, so harming yourself while carrying it, in the pocket, is quite impossible.

The inscriptions, located on the blade, have the meaning of “flying dragon”. Once ordered, the product comes with a pocket clip. The overall impressions of the customers agree upon an even more impressive design, of the knife, in reality.

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4. Tac Force Spring Assisted Rainbow Blade Tactical Rescue Pocket Hunting Knife

The universal saying “size matters” does not apply in this case. When it comes to self-defense knifes bigger is not desirable. You might want to opt for a sharp blade incorporated in a small knife since it is not advisable to be seen by everyone as you are carrying it around.

A must, in terms of safety knives, it is its ability to fold. A knife which cannot be folded might be difficult to carry, an exception being made by the one with a blade protection. However, the dimension of such a knife doubles and might become uncomfortable to carry. The Tac Force knife incorporates all of the above-mentioned features. The beautiful design comes in as a bonus for women.

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5. Huayang| Opening Tactical Folding Knife, Key Folding Knife KEY OK

A discrete, easy to disguise knife is offered by Huayang. The product can be easily masked as a keychain, while still incorporating an efficient blade. Made entirely out of metal, the product has a length of 12.7 cm when opened and only 7.5 cm when folded, overall, a small dimension making it easy to carry around.

The blade comes in with a 1.5 mm thickness offering an average sharpness in terms of cutting. It does not incorporate a safety lock for the blade, however, customers did not experience any harm due to the absence of the locking system.

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Final Thoughts

Most of the women opt for knives as a self-defense weapon since it has several advantages, from being easy to disguise to having a lightweight which allows you to carry it all the time. In terms of efficiency, a knife will be more frightening than a pepper spray and, also, even more harmful.

They are easy to buy and offer quite a variety in terms of ergonomic and aesthetic designs. With the right skills, in terms of handling a knife, this product can be a real lifesaver in dangerous situations.

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