Can a Repo Man Go In Your Backyard?

Can a repo-man go in your backyard? Repo men are not lawfully allowed to enter locked or gated properties without the consent of an owner of the property. The law does not protect a repossession agent who breaches or forces their way into a property. 

If your backyard is gated with a fence and in some form restricts public access, then a repo man is not legally justified to enter your property. Additionally, this rule can be extended to garages, gated areas, storage facilities, and your house. 

If a repo man illegally enters your property to repossess property, there are several forms of recourse at your disposal. Calling the appropriate authorities to handle and document any form of trespassing is your best choice. If a repo man damages unrelated property in their attempt to repossess, you likely can take legal action to afford damages. 

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A repo man is not legally allowed to touch or harm you unless it’s in self-defense. In the case that a repo man becomes physically aggressive, it’s recommended that you remain calm and document their actions as you wait for the appropriate authorities. Any unprofessional behavior that would not be tolerated in any normal setting should be documented.

It is also recommended that if a repo man is acting unprofessionally, you contact that you submit a complaint with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Though the bureau cannot directly discipline the repo agent, they can take disciplinary action against their agency. 

During a repossession, it’s important to be diligent about possible damages to your vehicle. It’s the owner’s responsibility to hold the repo man and their agency accountable for damages. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services is not responsible for damages and isn’t responsible for related reimbursements.

Reimbursement for possible damages from a repo man can be derived from the court. A small claims or civil court against the repossession agency will offer you the best opportunity.

A situation worth considering is if your vehicle gets repossessed with your personal belongings inside. The repo agency is required by law to make an itemized list of personal items, with information on how to regain access to your items. 

If a repo agency does not perform the required tasks, your best course of action is to contact the bureau and possibly even a lawyer. 

Suppose that a repo agent blocks you from backing out from your driveway, they are not lawfully authorized or justified to prevent you from leaving your property. Forcefully asserting their will onto you is not in their job description and should be recorded. Filling complaints to the appropriate recipients will prevent others from experiencing similar situations.

Living in an apartment complex or gated community, you might assume that the jurisdiction of the repo man is limited. You would be mistaken, in these cases, repo men often contact property managers to gain access to restricted communities. 

Once gained, repo agents are legally protected to repossess property that might be accessible. Let it be noted that if your property is still restricted in some capacity within the community’s shared property, then it might still be lawfully protected from property seizure. 

Knowing the contractual agreements between you and the community you live in would best allow you to evaluate your legal options. Without doing the appropriate homework, one might forfeit their protected rights. 

It is also important to understand that repo men can repossess your vehicle at any time. You do not need to be at your house, for a repo man to enter your property and repossess your vehicle. This rule extends to public spaces as well and allows for repossessions to take place in gas stations or malls. 

Repo men should never be seen inside your vehicle, behind the wheel, or driving the repossessed car. Bizarre behavior like this should be noted in a complaint to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

In conclusion, contacting the appropriate authorities is your best course of action if you feel that any foul play is taking place during your interaction with repo men. Documentation will support your claims and prevent a repo man from potentially skirting punishment.

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