The Top 5 Coolest Concealed USB Flash Drive (Hide Private Information)

If you often interact with sensitive files and want to protect or hide them from curious eyes, you might want to buy a concealed USB flash drive.

It is quite common to have a set of documents or media files that you would like to protect and not store them online, in the cloud, where it can be easily hacked. Keeping them on your gadgets is not a viable solution since your partner, or a member of your family may easily access them.

You can, very well, store your private files on a USB stick. However, if you want to use an extra security measure, you’d better choose a concealed USB.

As expected, for such a common issue, the market offers many solutions regarding disguised flash drives, which incorporate funny designs, high protection or more useful features. Here is our top 5 on the best-hidden USB flash drives.

Advantages of Concealed USB Sticks

A disguised USB flash drive will protect your data from individuals who are not supposed to check the files, whether we are speaking about your partner, family members, work colleagues or strangers. There are several features to look for in a useful concealed USB flash drive:

  • it shall be made of a durable material,
  • you should be able to carry it around,
  • the USB shall offer a good storage capacity,
  • has good features for disguise,
  • it is water or dustproof,
  • includes a password/code protection mechanism.

The last feature is more of an additional advantage, items incorporating it will, automatically, have a higher price. However, despite a higher price, your private data will be twice as protected, in comparison to a concealed USB flash drive.

The Top 5 Concealed USB Flash Drives

1. KOOTION 32GB Wristband USB 2.0 Flash Drive Thumb Drive Memory Stick (32GB, Black)

A practical item in case you need to carry your private information anywhere with you. As a double measure of protection, wearing the wristband will minimize the risk that your partner will ever search and see those files while you are gone. Its minimalistic design comes in a variety of four colors to choose from. The soft material will not irritate your skin, even during hot weather.

The flash drive is waterproof and dust resistant, so your files are safe from being lost due to flash drive’s deterioration. You do not have to worry about rain or clumsy accidents, involving liquids, that might break the hidden memory stick.

Its minimalistic design makes it wearable with any outfit as a discrete accessory. The wristband addresses both males and females, offering USB flash drives of 16 and 32GB memory.

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2. Smart Decisions International Cryptex USB Flash Drive 16 GB, USB 2.0, Antique Gold

A higher privacy requires higher costs. The price of the item justifies its level of security as it may be impossible to crack the code and check the private information stored on the memory stick. In case you have a very curious partner, with detective abilities, finding a concealed USB stick will not a hard challenge, but the security code will be quite impossible for them to break.

This Cryptex USB flash drive is useful, also, in the working environment when, by mistake, you’ve lost the stick. Individuals finding it will not be able to access and use sensitive information, like financial data and company’s documents.

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3. Smart Decisions International Cryptex Round Lock USB Flash Drive 16 GB

Another hard-to-crack password protected USB is offered in a different sophisticated design. Give some personality, along with high protection, to your memory stick. Besides the complex mechanical locking system, its awesome design does not give any clue that the item is actually a storage method hiding important information.

Being a light weighted pendant, you can carry it and access your private information from where ever you desire. This USB stick comes only in the 16 GB variant. If you plan to wear it as a neckless, or any other accessory involving outside wearing, keep in mind that this is not a waterproof item.

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4. HDE USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB Gold Pendant Bling Thumb Drive High Speed Novelty USB Storage (Gold Pendant, 16GB)

This one is for the sassy ladies. Your boyfriend will never be interested in your bling-bling, the shinier they are, the more boring they become for your partner. So storing your private files, within this memory stick, will keep him away from what he is not supposed to see.

The flash drive is easily portable due to its tiny size and lightweight. Attach it to your keys, neckless or purse and use it whenever you need. The item is not water or dustproof, also, its eye-catchy design requires careful handling. The memory stick comes only with a 16GB capacity.

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5. Techkey Jewelry Crystal USB Flash Drive for Girls, with 2 in 1 Anti Dust Plug + Stylus Pen for Touch Screens Set, Photo Frame Gift Packaging, 16GB, Sakura Pink

Disguised behind a touchscreen pen, the item offers a multitude of choices regarding a vast storage capacity. You may order a stick with a memory from 4GB up to 128GB. The design offers a nice palette of colors; from which you may choose the one that best reflects your personality.

The girlish USB memory stick is a great deal combining an affordable price, good hiding features, a wide storage capacity, eye-catchy design, and useful accessories. In terms of accessories, the touchscreen pen comes in handy for smartphones and tablets, while the anti-dust plug is useful in ensuring a longer usage of the product.

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Final Thoughts

Good disguising features and a password protection mechanism will keep your stored data safe from a jealous partner or a work colleague who enjoys sticking his nose in other’s people business. In case you lose the USB flash drive, a concealed item might be your solution to not compromise the privacy of your data.

This is a real problem since studies confirm that people are quite curious when it comes to lost USB sticks, the majority plugging in a stick found on the street.

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