How Long Do Drone Motors Last? Find out here

How Long Do Drone Motors Last

A motor is described as a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. The source of the electrical energy is usually the battery and the mechanical form of energy released is rotation. Motors are said to have first been discovered in 1831 in Great Britain, which was going through an industrial revolution, by physicist Michael Faraday. Motors are now used in various appliances such as power tools e.g. drills, electric cars, drones, and hybrid cars. A drone on the other hand is defined as a small flying device or a remote-controlled small aircraft with no pilot. These drones use motors to spin the propellers of multirotor drones in order for them to fly. The factor to consider when choosing a drone motor is the weight of the drone as the motor needs to be able to generate enough energy to counter the weight of the drone and enable it to fly. The two most common motors are;

  • Brushed motors- the brushes are installed on the fixed end of a motor to ensure optimal transmission of power to the rotor which then rotates.
  • Brushless motors- these motors work just like brushed motors except the fact that they do not have brushes

How long do drone motors last? Drone motors can either be brushed or brushless. Brushed motors last for an average of 1000- 3000 hours while brushless motors have been shown to last for an average of 10,000 hours. How long the drone motor lasts also depends on how careful we are while using it. Ramming the drone into physical barriers such as walls, roads or trees may cause damage to the motor faster than if handled with care.

How do I Know if my Drone Motor is Bad?

When the motor of your drone gets spoiled, you will notice a few changes in the way your drone works. For example, before taking off, it may stutter a little or go backward first before going forwards. Some drones will produce a sound when the motor starts up. Drone motors generally last a long time unless they experience physical damage or other types of mechanical damage. The three main causes of damage to our drone motors are;

  1. Overheating- when the brushes rotate and generate motion, the action generates heat and due to the congestion within the motor area, it may lead to overheating which may affect the tool and the battery.
  2. Overloading- if the weight of the tool overpowers the energy generated by the motor, it may damage the tool as it is now having to generate excess energy to overcome the load.
  3. Vibration or mechanical damage- the vibration caused by the brushed motor causes wear and tear to happen fast due to the friction and vibration levels.

It is important to fix your drone motor if you suspect any damage to it as using it like that could result in worse damage or overheating which could lead to burning of the inner parts of your drone.

Can Brushless Motors be Repaired?

If using a drone with a brushless motor or any form of motor, it is important to ensure they are in good form and top shape to enable the drone or other device to work efficiently. The most common ways as mentioned above to ruin your brushless motors include; overheating, overloading, and mechanical or vibration damage to the internal structures. Brushless motors can be repaired by a mechanic or can be done at home. Repairing your brushless motor at home can save you money as well as lots of time. However, before deciding to embark on this activity, one needs to do their research and learn about the parts of a brushless motor. Also getting to know more about your drone will help you procure the right parts for your drone. Additionally, getting the right brushless motor for your drone is essential for obtaining the right performance.

If unwilling to repair one’s brushless motor drone, I would recommend this Drocon Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Drone for adults and hobbyists with remote control. Read more about it here.

Do Brushless Motors Last Longer?

The difference between the brushless motor and the brushed motor is the presence of the brushes in the later motor. The two motors however follow the same principle to generate power. This thus means that in the motor section of a tool such as a drill or a drone, there is less motor space in tools with brushed motors. For this reason, the brushed motor produces more noise, heat, and friction which lead to wear and tear. Overheating is bad for a tool as it wears out the battery and the tool and therefore brushed motors require more frequent upkeep and

The average life span of the brushless motor is 10,000 hours. This is due to the fact that there is reduced wear and tear and overheating in a brushless motor.

How Long do Brushed Drone Motors Last

Due to the aforementioned wear and tear that comes with the use of brushed motors, brushed motors last for approximately 1000 to 3000 hours. Depending on the frequency of use of the tool, you may choose a brushed motor for domestic use drills or drones that you do not use a lot. Brushed motors also require a lot of maintenance during use but luckily it does not take a lot to disassemble and reassemble the motor after cleaning or replacing parts.

Even though brushed motors do not last as long as brushless motors do, they still generate sufficient energy and offer optimal service before it finally breaks down. Due to the availability of its parts, it is easy to self-repair which saves one time and money. If thinking of getting a brushed drone motor, I would recommend this BETAFPV Beta65S Lite Micro Drone with a camera and a brushed motor that is simple and affordable. Read more on it here.

Is a Brushless Motor Better Than a Brushed Motor?

With time, the brushless motor has gained more popularity with manufacturers and producers. The brushless motor has been improved upon over time and in 1980, they got off to a really good start. Over time the addition of the permanent magnets combined with high signal transistors has enabled it to generate as much energy as the brushed motors. Despite the fact that brushed motors are inexpensive, last longer, and have a longer torque ratio, brushless motors are still better than brushed motors. Brushed motors have been known to require constant cleaning and upkeep due to their mode of action that results in the production of a lot of dust which could also lead to wear and tear.

Brushless motors are also regarded to be better than brushed motors due to their cooling mechanism. Brushed motors work by switching control using the internal shaft position feedback and due to the presence of the brushes in the compact space, they produce lots of heat which can also lead to mechanical damage. The make of the brushless motor gets the same job done while dissipating the heat to allow for cooling in the motor. Due to these facts, a brushless motor not only lasts longer reducing your maintenance costs but also generates more power. I would recommend getting this Ruko U11 GPS Drone for adults with a brushless motor and camera. Find out more by clicking on the link

Final Thoughts

If thinking of getting a drone, it is important to do your research on the available drones in the market and check the types that fit into your budget as well as the ones that come with the type of motor you would like. Choosing between a brushed and a brushless drone motor boils down to personal preference, however, as mentioned above, the brushless motor is better, lasts longer, and is better preferred than the brushed motor. The brushed motor also comes with a set of advantages such as the fact that it can easily be rebuilt to extend its life, is cheap to construct, and is ideal for extreme operating environmental conditions. The brushless motor on the other hand has a long lifeline, requires less overall maintenance, and is a more efficient tool emitting less heat which generally results in less wear and tear.


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