How to Catch Someone Stealing Money from Your Purse (3 Ways to Bag a Burglar)

On a weekly basis, someone sneaks into your purse where it sits at the foot of your bed, in your desk, or in your gym locker, and lifts bills—10s, the 20s, 100s—from you.

What you might think is bad luck, and others would say is a factor of someone else’s desperation, you find yourself drained of cash, the repeated target of a sly thief.

You might be reading this post because you feel completely violated by this burglar and are completely unsure of how to catch someone stealing money from your purse.

You should consider the tips in this article on how to protect yourself from and confront thieves stealing money specifically from your unguarded purse.

We assume you are invested in catching the thief and recouping any losses with the sheer satisfaction of bagging the purse burglar. Are there simple yet effective ways that can allow you to catch a thief, capture evidence, and out them once and for all?

You might not think that the purchase of a pen, light, and the use of your smartphone is all you require to catch the thief irrefutable, but you would be surprised by how ingenious the methods we describe are.

By reading this article on ways to catch a purse thief, you can do multiple tasks at once (not merely catching the thief). For example, you can:

  • Eliminate potential suspects and identify the sole perpetrator of the missing cash from your purse.
  • Acquire and collect evidence of the actual act of theft, holding the evidence for use during a confrontation or for police involvement.
  • Learn to buy and use anti-theft technologies that will serve you well if you need to keep an eye on things (husbands) at home while you are away.
  • Protect your personal belongings from future trespasses and the sneakiness of your children and needy teens.

If you are starting to realize just how much you can accomplish by nabbing the thief, a careful review of the steps we provide is useful for the immediate threat of the thief and future instances of wrongdoing. In that vein, continue reading, and discover our three step process of catching a cash thief with a few simple items.

The Three Step In How to Catch Someone Stealing Money From Your Purse!

Step 1) Mark Your Bills

Let us start with the facts. A thief has been helping themselves to your purse and stealing untraceable cash from you at work, home, or other common places where you sometimes are separated from your purse for even a short period of time.

You do not know who he or she is, and you cannot prove with a record that cash is missing due to its nature of being physical currency. What are your options? Get professional.

There are several tools that you might use to create a traceable bill to plant in your purse and use to nab the thief. One of the simplest is to acquire a UV pen which would allow you to invisibly write your name and expose it using a blacklight. Whoever is in possession of your marked bills is the culprit!

Step 2) Setup Video Surveillance

You may find that it is not so easy to convince people to turn over their bills for a surprise inspection by blacklight—unless they are a husband or child. So, your next effort is to acquire evidence that cannot be refuted or denied.

If someone is helping themselves to your greens at work, you can easily review the recording footage of your store or office to examine it for evidence of the thief slipping into your office for another serving.

It can help to keep note of when your purse is left unattended if there is a large amount of footage to review so that you can narrow down times when the theft and, therefore, recording of the act occurred. Once you have narrowed down specific and likely times for the thieving to have happened, you can:

  • Watch as your dissatisfied employee slips bills from your purse into her pockets.
  • Witness the bills disappearing from your purse into your vengeful boss’s blazer.
  • See people strangely approaching and then abandoning your office while you are away; and,
  • Observe other unusual and odd behavior surrounding your home or office.

Step 3) Confront Possible Thieves

Once you have collected the evidence of someone in possession of the marked bills or found the recording of your thief with their hand in your purse, then it is time to finally catch the person red-handed and confront them with the evidence you have gathered.

As with any person who is lying or committing a bad deed, you must be prepared for the snake to twist and turn and proceed with the confidence of your evidence, not with emotion.

Part of your confidence will come from the simple fact of being absolutely certain that you are bringing the truth to the table, so to speak.

This also is an important element of the confrontation because your aim is to expose to the hidden individual that you know their identity and have proof of their responsibility and actions.

When confronting a liar or thief, you must be aware that this person could possibly be an expert of manipulation—certainly, they know their way around the inside of your purse and will perhaps use what they know about you against you to undermine the confrontation.

Perhaps they will even try to twist your truth and twist your statements and evidence so that it does not make them look as responsible. It is best to proceed with caution in such cases, and know that you may not get the apology and retribution that you deserve.

Final Thoughts

Each process in this first-timers and introductory tutorial to catching someone who is stealing cash from your purse is intended to allow you to collect the evidence you need and then catch and confront the individual responsible for the missing money.

There are many ways you might go about catching a thief, but the most effective will always be having physical and certain evidence of theft by showing they are in possession of your money (through marked bills) or that you can see them in the act (through some form of video surveillance). It really will not matter if you are seeking the fastest or most irrefutable evidence, these steps are a great start for catching the thief.


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