Is It Illegal To Put A Nanny Cam In A Nursing Home

With abuse against the elder population becoming ever so more common in the news, we wonder what we can do to protect our loved ones. Especially those that are living in a nursing home. After all, we are not able to be always there for them, but we still want to make sure that we can take care of them in the best way possible.

This is when we try to find ways to be there somehow. With technology so readily available like it is nowadays, it is completely normal that someone thinks about the use of nanny cams. After all, they are the perfect way to use technology to do something good. This way, you can also be sure if your loved one is being treated well in those facilities.

So, this gets us all wondering, is it illegal to put a nanny cam in a nursing home? It is not illegal if the camera is put there by the patient or a family member with the consent of the nursing home. Now, this is not all. There are other people that must give you their consent before you put the nanny cam in there. This is why it may not be a perfect idea.

So, if you want to be sure that this is or that it isn’t the best idea for your situation, you should continue reading the article below. We are going to explain to you everything that you must know before doing anything that might get you into trouble with the law.

The Patient Or Family Members Can Legally Install The Cameras

As mentioned above, the patient themselves or family members can install the camera. It is important to point out that if the one to put the nanny cam is a family member, the patient must give their consent first, considering that they are capable of doing so. Once the consent of the interested parties happens, it is time to talk to the nursing home.

It is important to understand that the nursing home is either a public place and a private property. This means that there are many gray areas to navigate here. The laws concerning filming others change when it comes to whether the place is public or private property. In this case, there’s also the fact that we are talking about a workplace.

As you can see, things can get murky quite fast. For now, the thing that you should keep in mind is that the patient or a family member can legally install the camera. Still, they need to, once they agreed on it, talk to the nursing home.

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The Nursing Home Can Deny It

Once they talk to the nursing home, they can deny it. You cannot legally install the camera without talking to the nursing home. They must be notified and give you their consent. Otherwise, you will be producing illegal footage. Even if it is in a private room where only your loved one lives. This is why it is so important that you talk to them.

The reason the nursing home can deny it is that it is a workplace and a private place. This means that people that are going to be filmed need to give them their consent. This can easily turn into a legal hazard that would give them way more trouble than they need. This is why you should always talk to them before installing the camera.

So, you must talk to the nursing home. They need to give you their consent, and then, get the consent of their employees since it is a workplace. Only after you get this right, you can put the nanny cam there. Fail to do so will only create illegal footage that could potentially get you into trouble.

If The Nursing Home Denies It, It’s A Red Flag

Now, if you do talk to the nursing home and they deny you the permission to put the nanny cam, it is a red flag. Obviously, they do have valid reasons such as having to let their employees know, but you should find suspicious that they don’t want you to see what happens when you are not there.

A trusting nursing home would allow you to put the nanny cam there. They know that nothing bad happens and that the camera gives family members the comfort and a way to feel closer to their elders. It is a way to feel like you are always there.

So, if they are so insistent on not allowing you to do so, you should find it suspicious. Make sure that the nursing home does not have any lawsuits against them or complaints from formal patients before you put your loved one in there. If you do make sure of those minor things, you will probably save yourself from a lot of headache in the future.

Install It Facing The Bed

If the nursing home does give you consent to install the camera, the next step is to install it in the best position that you can. Now there are nanny cams that can be easily moved around. This is why the best you can do is to put the nanny cam in a location that people forget that it’s even there.

Another important thing, and maybe the most important thing, is to install the camera in a location that is able to cover the entire room. You must be able to see everything that is happening in there. Always make sure that the bed is being seen. This way you will be able to really see everything that is taking place.

As you can see, the best thing that you can do is to position the nanny cam in the center of the room close to one of the walls. Make sure that you are able to see the entire room. People shouldn’t be able to do something in the corner that you are not able to see. If you do this, it’ll be perfect.

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Take The Footage To The Police Or Your Lawyer

Now, it is really easy to tell you to put a nanny cam in the room, but what should you do if you find something? This is the next step that no one thinks about. Everyone that suspects something thinks about how to get proof, but few think of what to do afterward. The answer is simple. You must take what you found to the police or your lawyer.

The next step is to report the crime. Now, you may go straight to the police or have a lawyer advise you on what to do. The best thing that you can and should do is to make sure that you take it to someone that will know what’s the best and right thing to do in this situation.

As you can see, you first must make sure that your operation is legal. If the footage is legal, then once you have it, you must take it to the police or your lawyer.

Related Questions

Are cameras allowed in assisted living?

This is a very tricky question. The cameras are allowed in this situation as long as you get the consent of the people working in the place and the patient. Now, depending on the health state of the patient, a family member may be enough to request them. The best you can do is to research the laws of your state regarding this issue.

Do Patient Rooms Have Cameras?

Hospitals, like nursing homes, can be both a private and a public place. It is also a workplace. So, depending on the facility cameras might be installed in the room as long as the staff, the hospital, and the patient consent with it. So, many do have cameras, and many don’t. It will all depend on the room and the hospital.

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