What Should A Pre Packed Bug Out Bag Contain? (The 5 Best Pre Packed Choices For You!)

The last thing one wants to consider is having a pre packed bug out bag, However, because it is possible that you might be in a very difficult relationship where you might have to leave your home to avoid your significant other, having one on hand will help you escape from a potential ugly encounter.

In most cases, a bug out bag comes in handy when one is faced with a possible evacuation from your house to a safer location due to an emergency crisis or disaster scenario.

But your needing to get away from facing a possible violent situation would definitely fit the “emergency” criteria.

Therefore, a sensible solution, in case you need to “bag out”, is having an emergency kit. A bug out bag can help you survive during crisis time if it is properly pre-packed with some mandatory items.

If you are not aware of what should this kind of bag contain, the following items will help you get a clue about what you should acquire.

What Should a Bug Out Bag Contain?

Usually, the pre packed bug out bags contain items helping you to survive for three days, after a disaster. However, despite the item’s diversity within the bag, one thing is for sure, water and food shall not be missing.

You need to have an emergency kit that is easy to carry, so if you shall choose between the two, it is good to know that the human body has higher chances of survival if it is hydrated, then fed. Without both water and food the body can survive from 8 to 21 days.

Since water is essential for survival, make sure you opt for a bug out pack incorporating a water filter. In terms of food, choose foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator and which do not require cooking.

For those wanting the absolute least amount of water needed to prepare, go for canned food. Also, opt for food which does not provoke thirst. However, keep in mind that the chosen pre-packed bag shall incorporate a can opener or a knife since you can use it for multiple purposes.

Top 5 Useful Pre Packed Bags for Bag Out

Statistics revealing twenty largest disaster-related internal displacements worldwide, place the United States on the fifth place in 2017. In general, you have trouble finding your keys, phone or wallet, in the morning, before leaving home.

But imagine what it would be like to try to find important items such as documents, medicines, food, and water under the pressure of a natural disaster warning. This is where the best bug out bag comes in handy.

1. CCS Uncharted Supply Co The SEVENTY2

A survival bug out bag with a weight of 11.5 pounds offering a 72h emergency kit for one person. The bag incorporates over 35 tools and products lasting for, at least, 5 years. The waterproof material, out of which the backpack is made of, allows floating in case of floods.

Probably the most ignored objects in the survival kit, the water filters are, in fact, the greatest help of a person surprised in hostile natural disasters, where water sources are either polluted or full of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Besides this, the bag incorporates a full range of necessary items from clothing, to water, energy bars and various tools such as duct tape, knives, tent, blankets, fire starters, lights, mobile chargers and so on.

Those wanting more information on pricing check out the price here.

2. Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag

This product comes in variants designed for two or four persons, being also great for pet owners as it offers the two persons and one dog bag. The two-persons bug out bag comes with a weight of 14.5 pounds offering a 72h survival kit. The majority of the products come with 5 years’ validity.

This bag offers a survival kit incorporating a tent, radio, water, poncho, food bars, duct tape, rope, hygienic products, lights, sharp tools, gloves. The bag’s material is not waterproof and it is not recommended to be held under high temperatures, since this may lead to alteration of the food bars.

Find out the price here!

3. Prepper’s Favorite Get Home Bag

This complex bug out bag covers all the needs in case of a disaster, from food, to shelter, water, tools, and medicine. Regarding food supplies, the bag offers nutritious food, based on a complex of vitamins, which does not cause thirst.

With a very lightweight, of only 6.2 pounds, this item incorporates a well-equipped first aid kit. Three stages of a wound treatment must be covered by the first aid kit:

  • cleaning / sterilizing the wound (infections can occur in up to 8 hours in an unprotected wound);
  • bandaging the wound (using sterile bandages for protection);
  • healing treatment like antibiotics, painkillers, antihistamines, hydrocortisone gels.

Information on pricing can be found here.

4. Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

Some individuals put an accent on food. Once you accustom to a certain diet, the crisis times may be hard to overcome if you are not providing, your body, with a similar number of calories.

If you are looking for food diversity, in a pre-packed bug out bags, these items provide a variety of 32 servings covering a complex intake of protein, carbohydrates, and sugar. The food has a 25 years’ shelf life.

Besides the food, this bag includes a first aid kit, water, fire supplies, a flashlight, playing cards, a blanket, a poncho, a cup and a whistle for help.

For those interested in the pricing of this item, check it out here!

5. First My Family All-in-One 4-Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit

To protect your family, choose a bug out bag specially designed for families. The product includes water and food supplies enough for 72h, covering a family with 4 members. Besides those, you may find supplies for light or heating and sharp tools.

The bag offers also whistles incorporating a mirror, an important item mostly omitted by the survival packs. The sun’s rays, captured and oriented with the mirror, are visible from the air even from hundreds of miles’ distance.

Find out more information about this item here!

Final Thoughts


Most of the survival bug out bags incorporate items related to food, clothing, light supplies, shelter, water, sharp tools, first aid kits, heating resources and communication tools. Many bags incorporate water pouches, but you shall count more on water bottles since these are more durable and they will not spill inside your bag.

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