The 5 Best Camera to Catch Dog Pooping In Yard Areas

The 5 Best Camera to Catch Dog Pooping In Yard Areas

Dogs are not inherently bad. Sometimes they act up due to situations or the need to use the restroom and head out to find there own way. The only time this type of behavior becomes an issue is when people either cannot control their dogs or the escape from their owners to find a place to do their business. The reason why his might interest you is that the place they might want to do business is the place where you call home. Now how can you solve this problem? How can you lodge a complaint to the owners? Is there a feasible way to deal with this issue quickly? The answer is yes, there is, a high-quality camera will be the perfect thing you need in order to find the dog responsible and give their owner a piece of your mind.

In any case, here are the top 5 best camera to catch dog pooping in yard areas surveillance watchers, never lose sight of those dogs again!

The 5 Best Camera to Catch Dog Pooping In Yard Areas

1.Wireless Security Camera 1080P

Looking for ease of use? This is the best one for you! This camera comes with two different cameras and an application that you can download on your phone to monitor their surveillance. These cameras offer coverage of 180 degrees, allowing for broad pieces of your property to be under watch at any time. These cameras also come with an automatic and manual viewing ability. Perfect for those wanting to get very clear pictures of any type of dog or otherwise animal leaving their refuse behind. These security cameras are installed with microphones and speakers for surveillance inside the house. These surveillance cameras are also very secure and the danger of someone hacking into your system is minimal if not non-existent. While these cameras are not technically weatherproof, keeping them in dry areas or inside your house looking out could be a good idea if you have a vantage point on the area you are trying to keep an eye on.

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2. Wireless Security Camera System, SMONET 4CH HD Video Security

This a heavy-duty but surprisingly user-friendly camera system perfect for security against anyone wanting to break into your house, or finding out who that pesky dog that keeps defecating over your rose bushes are. These four security cameras are what you expect them to be, very good at recording the outside of a house with ease. All of them are weatherproofed, high resolution, night sight enabled cameras. While they do need installation into where you are thinking of putting them up, as they are not battery powered. However, this means that unless the power goes out on your property, night and day. These cameras also come with cloud storage and the ability to download the videotapes on micro-SD or similar storage devices. Keep in mind that these cameras are to be all interconnected to a wifi-box, so be sure to keep all of those cameras plugged in and interconnected

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3. Luowice WiFi IP Camera Outdoor 1080P

Another user-friendly security camera that is easy to set up and even easier to maintain. This single-camera has 1080p definition picture quality, which is great for everyone looking for a simple but effective tool to guard your lawn. This camera can be connected to your mobile device with ease, allowing for easy access wherever you need it. This camera does need to be installed and is not a battery-powered, but the crisp quality and easy to use interface more than makeup for this shortcoming. This camera also comes with being weatherproof, ensuring that rain or shine you will eye on your lawn.

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4. SDETER Outdoor Security Camera,Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Surveillance System

Marking the first wireless rechargeable security camera on the list, we have the SDETER Outdoor Security Camera. This camera is very highly rated for its high level of battery life, lasting 180~ days, making it fantastic for areas with frequent power outages. The camera of this item is also fantastic for seeing any late-night visitors. Since this item is also wireless you can download an application on your phone so you can see the feed whenever you want. This camera also alerts the user when something passes by the motion sensor and has various other options that can affect the behavior of the camera. This camera is also very useful, for those who also want the camera to double for getting that pesky dog, and finding out who is knocking at your door.

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5. Outdoor Security Camera, 1080P

This is the pinnacle of security cameras, full proof enough to find the perpetrator of your lawn desecration. These four cameras come equipped with motion sensors and high quality 1080p night vision. These infrared security cameras are also fantastic at catching anything moving within the range of 34 feet, meaning from your doorstep to the street, you have high-resolution sight. The cloud storage on this device is also very large, capable of logging in 14 days of footage at once. The video is also very easy to access, needing nothing more than a connection to the internet and the downloaded application. These cameras even come with built-in audio phones and microphones can add some extra dimension to your cameras, who knows? You might be able to scare the dog that makes its way to your yard. While these cameras do need to be set up either professionally or what have you, make sure to remember that there is no recharge port, these are all wired in.

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Why Do Dogs Poo Everywhere?

There are many different reasons for dogs to defecating and urinating in specific places, I.E your yard. The two most common reasons are, either the dog is marking their territory from other dogs or the owner of the dog is negligent. Most times it is due to the human owner being negligent as either they let them go to the restroom wherever while walking them and chose not to clean up their mess, or they let their dog out without a leash. In almost any case though, the issue of dogs going where they please might be easier by talking to the owner or caretaker.

Why Do Dogs Mark Their Territory?

Dogs tend to make their bathroom breaks all-around their house, and if they can help it everything within a 100-meter radius. Most dogs tend to mark their territory as a way to ensure that any who enter will deal with the consequences, or for those interested for a mate to find the dogs who marked it. This is ingrained in the genes of almost every dog that exists, this need to mark and protect their territory or area. However, it does not become nature until the dog becomes older and reaches puberty. Male dogs are more prone to peeing and pooing for marking their territory and females are almost always peeing to mark their territory.

Final Thoughts

Keeping an eye on your lawn is always a good idea, especially if you live in a slightly sketchy neighborhood, having a camera could be a godsend. Even if you just use it to find out if that pesky neighbor’s dog is leaving little presents for you to step on next time you go to get your mail, the uses of a camera can mean the difference between stepping in poo first thing in the morning and not. So try to find the perfect mix of security and being user-friendly, so you can finally bring to justice to that darn dog.


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