What Happens If You Hide a Car From Repossession?

Getting a car is sometimes a chore. Paperwork, finances, insurance, and sometimes filling out contracts too can be a huge drag. But maybe instead, you bought a repossessed car, which makes things more simpler for you, but at the same time equally as complicated. Repo agents, contacts, and more are now your priority. You may think to yourself “How can I avoid all of this? Couldn’t I just hide the car and not tell my repo agent?”.

What happens if you hide a car from repossession? You can hide it, but you are liable to be criminally charged or be put into other legal trouble. Your lender/creditor can reobtain your car through either a GPS, or through replevin. Though it is still possible to hide your car regardless of the legal risks you do face.

Furthermore on my first point, hiding your car in your garage is advisable. But doing just about anything in a non-private space will get you back on the lender’s radar. The repo man will shortly start making his way to where your car is, since most lenders install GPS trackers. 

Could you remove the tracker? Yes, but it depends if the tracker was stated in your contract or not. If the contract stated it, you will be in even more legal trouble than you were before. Trackers are identified by small metal boxes with a magnet attached to one side (though this depends on the manufacturer). Auto repair mechanics can remove the tracker for you.

If you have a friend, you could also attempt to exchange your car. This is bordering on the edges of legality, but it will give you time to pay your loan more than you usually would. Since this requires more than one person, its a bit risky.

Another option is going through bankruptcy. This is considered the overall “nuclear option,” obviously. If you were going through bankruptcy, chances are you’ll actually get assistance from your bank in getting your car back to you. The lender can also assist you, but this also depends on your stance with the lender. Bankruptcy doesn’t inherently get rid of your repossession process, instead it only helps to get rid of it. Your debts will also be discharged, and any unsecured ones as well. 

If you’re still looking for other ways of laying off your lender and repo agents, there are some guides and forums online where you can find experienced car owners talk about specifically hiding your car, or going through loopholes.

Here are some ways you can help keep the lenders off your back:

  • Lending your car to your neighbor through loopholes. 
  • Selling the car (this is only recommended if you’re in a bad financial state).
  • If you cannot use your garage, park your car in a compound that makes it very hard to get to

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Many people decide to hide their repossessed car in either their storage, or garage. But doing this more often than not will not stop much in regards to the agents still figuring out where your car is. Its recommended that you actually either negotiate, or refinance your loan to whoever lent you the car. Negotiations can be loan related, or possible dealings with deadlines along with them.

What if your car gets actually repossessed? What will happen to you? Well, nothing good at all. Your credit score will be damaged and that will affect you even purchasing cars in the future as it tends to be a rather big red flag. Some states have laws that are in place for a reinstatement of your car after its been repossessed but the lender. 

Something to keep in mind is that repossession agents have the full ability to take your car away from you, if you do not reinstall or refinance your loan. If you cannot make the money to actively pay the loan, your car will either be sold, or surrendered back to the lender.

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