You Think Your Husband is Cheating With No Proof (3 Tips for Tracking Your Man)

Let us say that your life is like a storybook. There are no clear villains trying to separate you and your husband—no sexy witches with a grudge.

Yet, in what you might call a moment of feminine intuition, and your friends would call common sense, you find yourself wondering without proof of any kind whether your man is faithful, loyal, and committed.

You start asking this question because you cannot find proof the other way either: There is no proof that your husband is not cheating as well as there being no proof that he is cheating on you.

So, perhaps as you consider the question, it may already seem too late for you, you are in a trustless marriage. But, consider that there are a few simple ways to get evidence if you think your husband is cheating with no proof.

Assuming that you have a simple equipment and ordinary expertise when it comes to launching your own private investigation into this personal affair.

Is there a way that you can catch a cheating husband and get proof of any possible infidelity with what you already have as equipment and already know about him?

You might not think that a car, a smartphone, and good sense is all you need to make for your own solid investigation to acquire evidence of infidelity, but you would be wrong. Read this article to discover three simple ways to find out if your husband is cheating on you with some witch.

You can find evidence that he is cheating (or not cheating) and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing what kind of man to whom you are married. By using the methods described in this article you will find that you:

  • Quickly gain insight into the personality, habits, and actions of your spouse that you need to launch a private investigation of your husband.
  • Acquire the proof on your own that you need about your husband’s daily activities and past actions that you need to demonstrate the validity of your suspicions.
  • Collect and store the pieces of evidence you want to keep a clear record and unshakeable timeline without relying on your husband’s sneaky excuses and lofty promises.
  • Prove your suspicions and theories by keeping the evidence secure, safe, and irrefutable away from your husband’s prying eyes and intent to destroy the proof and cover his tracks.

When you realize that you are dealing with a person who also knows you and has theories about what you will or will not do, a sturdy resolve to find the truth is as useful as the gut feelings you are already following to run a tight and honest investigation.

If you have the stomach for the truth, read on to find out some of the best, simplest, and easiest ways to catch your husband cheating and check out the story of your marriage for yourself.

Risks & Requirements of Your Private Investigation

If you pursue these methods for catching your husband either cheating or remaining loyal, faithful, and committed, then you must consider that what you are about to do brings up many possible threats to your current relationship.

Some of these are more serious than others, and so the best way to begin is to have thought through all the meanings of launching an investigation without evidence and with only the suspicion of adultery.

Because hiring your own private investigator is by far the most expensive and also the most effective and objective option, your own investigation into your spouse will need to confront the possibility that your spouse suspects you do not trust them.

The most likely risk you face is that your suspicions are known, that your intuition is being manipulated, and that your investigation will be discovered and undermined.

If you do not already have one, a password protected device like a tablet or phone should be used for the collection of evidence and statements as you proceed.

This is where you will protect your evidence and investigation from destruction and discovery, however, your own mind and good sense is where you should keep the majority of your plans since it is the least likely to be undermined by your spouse—unless you choose to share your suspicions and evidence prematurely and give him time to launch a counterattack or alibi.

Finally, for those evidence gathering trips that require long distances, following, and travel to known meeting places, you have your choice of vehicle as long as it is nondescript and will not feed into the risk of your cause and plan to unveil being discovered before evidence can safely be collected.

The Three Methods To Use When You Think Your Husband is Cheating With No Proof!

Method 1) Use Your Head

Think about your husband’s confidence, his routines, and his tastes. Make a list of behaviors that concern you as well as those that you think would allow him time to cheat on you.

Ask yourself what evidence these behaviors and routines would leave for you to uncover and follow your own knowledge base with caution.

Method 2) Use Your Phone

If an affair is occurring, there is a trail of phone calls and texts that allow the cheating lovers to arrange times to meet and exchange treacherous affections.

Consider reading the long form bill which details every text and call with a highlighter and looks for unusual patterns of communication as well as numbers you do not recognize.

If you have access to your partner’s phone, you may be able to go further to uncover the secrets of apps and hidden files.

Method 3) Use Your Car

If you install a GPS tracking device on your car, you can track where your wondering spouse is really headed when they say they are working late or heading to the gym.

Another option is to count the miles to known locations to determine if your spouse is running up distances that just do not add up.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are faced with a chronic cheater, going through a separation, or simply want the peace of mind and love back in a trustless relationship, there are a few simple ways to collect evidence but it will always require a ruthless pursuit of the truth and an understanding of your partner that is intimate and personal.

A strong investigator will be able to place themselves in any situation and accommodate any new facts that present themselves when there is a need to alter the plan of attack to follow your husband’s actions, confront them with the evidence and facts you have collected, and to maintain your own sanity and self-worth—to name just a few important outcomes of getting the cold hard facts of the case.

Each of the methods in this cheater-catching overview was selected because they address the problem of lacking concrete proof, collecting evidence, and following your gut.

It really does not matter if you are seeking to prove that your husband is a spineless liar and hopeless cheater or if you are seeking to earnestly discover that your husband has eyes and hands only for you.

The only way to know for sure is to follow the steps we outline and to collect irrefutable proof of infidelity (or love). Use them only if you really can handle the truth that lies beneath the storybook tale of your once perfect, loving marriage.


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