Best Camera to Catch Someone Stealing Your Packages

There’s nothing like the excitement of knowing you’ll come home to a package on your porch. It’s a little bit like Christmas morning, except it can happen all year. You can go through a whole day with a grin on your face if the right order is coming in. Then you get home, and as you pull in, it’s not there. You scramble to check your tracking data, and it says the package was delivered. Your good mood vanishes in a puff of vapor.

Porch package thieves are just the worst. For one thing, they don’t know what they’re getting, because it’s in a box. They’ll take anything, even your bulk ordered toilet paper. Not everyone has time to pick up boxes at the post office, or a garage to safely drop packages inside. Plus, lots of companies will not ship to a PO box. Still, you need to get your parcels on time. The solution is pretty simple, put in a camera to catch the thieves. If they’re in jail or working to pay fines, they won’t be on your porch taking boxes.


How Common is Package Theft

We all know that the winter holidays are primetime for package thieves. Big cities like New York and L.A. have high package theft rates. What about the rest of us? It can be hard to imagine your boxes getting swiped if it’s never happened to you. After all, plenty of packages make it through with no trouble at all.

Do you really need to worry about having your new earbuds or your kids birthday party supplies stolen? Sadly, even in the small town’s the answer is yes. If you live in the middle of nowhere, and it’s hard to access your property, then you may think you have nothing to fear usually.

Then again, if you’re going through a bad breakup, or being stalked, you’re a prime target anywhere. The only sensible solution is to protect yourself. Sometimes being a victim is a choice.

Package Theft Stats

Whatever you think you know about package theft, you’ll probably be surprised by what’s truly happening. Package thieves are lazy and low risk. It doesn’t take much effort to see something outside a stranger’s home and pick it up. Doubtless, there are ‘professional’ package stealers who do nothing other than driving around to take what isn’t theirs. Reselling unused tech gear and other essential delivery items is profitable.

  • Truly Shocking: The state with the most stolen packages is North Dakota. You probably assumed it was New York or California, but it turns out that thieves don’t like to get caught. Urban areas aren’t as high priority as expected. However, plenty of boxes get nabbed in the cities too.
  • Not Caught: Because people don’t have evidence, the package thieves are less likely to get caught. Only about 10% of package thieves ever see justice. It makes you think twice about putting in a camera.
  • One-In-Four: You read that right, one in every four people has had a package stolen. In the US alone, that means over ninety-three million people have lost packages. The chances are just one-in-three among millennials, who shop more online.
  • Valuable Packages: Stolen packages means stolen equipment, paperwork, private information, and money. The average cost of a stolen package is $140.00.

Seeing how common it is changes the picture. You only have a 1/77 chance of being in a car crash in your lifetime, but you buy insurance anyhow. It just makes sense to take steps to avoid unnecessary losses. One of those steps should be installing a good camera to catch thieves. It’s not difficult, costly or time-consuming to protect yourself, at least not when compared to what you may lose if you don’t even try.


What to Do if Your Package is Stolen

With a one-in-four chance of losing a delivery at some point, it helps to know what to do. When the contents are especially important, people may panic. Getting a horrible sinking feeling in your gut can affect your judgment. Sometimes things aren’t as grim as they seem, so before you resort to drastic measures doublecheck first.

Always remember to check your email to see if the package was delivered on time. Also, look in your mailbox and near your door for a slip of paper warning you that they kept the package for re-delivery. Lastly, look around your front, and back doors, porch, and anywhere sensible a box might be if it was delivered and fell.

Steps to Report a Missing Package

Once you’ve exhausted all the possibilities, and you’re sure your package was stolen, there are a few simple steps to get your money back or your goods delivered.

  1. Get your info in order. Find any emails, tracking numbers, and customer service phone numbers you may need. Once you’re organized, it will help keep the process flowing. You may also want a pen and a notebook in case you need to write down claim numbers or anything else relevant.
  2. Call during the soonest possible business hours for the company that retailed the item. Most sellers care about their reputation and will do anything they can to resolve your concern. That said, some items aren’t replaceable. One-of-a-kind and time-sensitive items may never be recovered.
  3. Write it down. Make sure you record customer service reps names and when you called. Keeping a clear record helps you avoid snags along the way. Though it doesn’t happen often, a company can claim that you didn’t report things properly. You may need that record along with your phone records to prove you made the appropriate calls within a reasonable window of time.
  4.  Report it to the shipping company and file your claim.
  5. Contact your credit card company or get in touch with PayPal, Venmo, your bank, or whoever paid out your money for the missing product, especially if it’s not going to be replaced.
  6. File a police report. Hand in video footage and let them know anything useful that may help.

Reporting thefts is always time sensitive. Don’t drag your feet if you want a refund or replacement.

How to Avoid Package Theft

Getting the problem addressed is great. Most money services and businesses will happily help replace a package or halt a payment. Still, it’s better to skip all the hassle and do whatever you can to avoid theft. Having a camera can deter as well as record a problem, but there’s more you can do.

Sometimes it’s all about who delivers. If you have the right equipment, you can have them use Amazon Key to open the door and record the package delivery live. You can have it dropped in your house, car, or garage with this service. For less tech-savvy delivery services, there are still ways to prevent theft.

  • Schedule your delivery for a time you’re home. If your service doesn’t deliver on your schedule, some services will collect packages and provide them when it’s convenient for you. You can even pay a friend, or neighbor to wait for the delivery if you know someone you can trust who has the time.
  • Add delivery instructions and have the package dropped off out of sight or with a trusted neighbor or friend. Having a box dropped behind the hedge, or at the back door can be a real trouble-saver. If a thief doesn’t see a package, there’s nothing to steal.
  • If you’re home, use a video doorbell or security camera to watch for the package and any thieves. This is a good plan anyhow for your own safety.
  • Use a PO box or in-store pickup if those options are open to you. Not everyone lives near a shop, but it may be worth the wait until you can go into town if it means you always get your deliveries.

The difference between being a victim and getting your mail on time can be so simple. Taking some necessary precautions can make all the difference. You never know what you’ll catch on tape if you record it. Investing a small amount of time and money now can save you a lot of problems in the future.


Glitter Bomb Guy

Perhaps the best camera ever built to catch a thief was the viral glitter bomb. This is not a practical solution for everyone. Building a glitter bomb with a camera phone inside is time-consuming. Moreover, it costs resources and money at a relatively high risk of loss. Nevertheless, this hilarious revenge caught-on-tape method is the most fun anyone ever had with package thieves.

Powder fine glitter is harder to remove entirely than skunk stench. You can identify a target covered in fine glitter easily. If you’re familiar with the dye packets that used to go into bank theft bags, then you understand the basic concept. The difference is that ink is less annoying when it gets all over you.

Speaking of smells, this bomb didn’t just blow an insane amount of glitter all over the thief and whatever else is nearby, but it had a second line of defense. In addition to the mess it made of a thief, there was also a can of timer released fart spray.

The additional smell virtually guaranteed the package snatchers would get rid of the ‘bomb,’ as soon as possible. Better still, the spray was set to keep going off at regular intervals. This allowed him to use the GPS in the recording telephone to track and retrieve his box.

Not As It Seems

Sadly this prank wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A later story emerged about the box takers. It seems some of them were in cahoots with the person assisting the original maker. He swears he didn’t know about this and took a hit to his credibility because of it. He even amended the video. The removed footage is still available if you want to see it.

Regardless, the farting-recording-trackable-glitter-bomb remains the best prank and thief catching device we’ve ever seen. After all, catching a thief is excellent, but getting back at them on an international viral video is even better. Faked responses or not, kudos to the creator. It took skill and creativity to come up with such a cool way to catch a package thief.


Top Five Best Cameras to Catch Package Thieves

It seems like there are a billion cameras out there to choose from. While that’s not the case yet, there are certainly an awful lot available. No one deserves to lose their stuff. Rather than wasting days of your time, we read through hundreds of listings to find which ones are the highest quality and best value for the money.

We’ve curated a list of the top weatherproof outdoor security cameras to help you find the right product for your thief catching needs. With this collection, you can find a great camera fast.


1. Vosker V200 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Every security camera on this list is outstanding, but the unique feature on this one is our favorite. Power sources can be a pain to deal with. Even when a camera is easy to install, there are wires and connectors to manage. The Vosker has taken tech to the next level with its solar panel addition. In combination with the eight double A batteries, the convenience can’t be beaten.

A company that is forward thinking always impresses us. The ecological benefit to using solar power is as significant as the fact that your camera can run even if there’s a power outage. It’s a feature no other camera on this list managed to include. In fact, it’s rare to see solar options on any camera.

So Much More

The solar panel isn’t the only exceptional upgrade on this model. The V200 also comes with Vosker Sense AI Image Recognition. Much like the power upgrade, the top-of-the-line image recognition program included in this camera. An AI like Vosker’s allows you to tell your camera what you want to see. The ability to target people instead of, for example, pets, seems like an incredibly useful option.

The sheer level of innovation that went into this camera gets the top slot on our list without a doubt.


  • Two Year Warranty- Lots of cameras have a thirty-day warranty. The good ones have a year. Not Vosker. They went all out in standing behind their tech with a more extended two-year warranty.
  • Wireless LTE- You can pick this camera up and go wherever you need to. The wireless power and outstanding LTE service mean that once you capture video of your package thief, you can use your new Vosker anywhere you wish to get a good view.
  • Pick Your Mobile Security Plan- You can customize this camera to fit your budget just as easily as you can move it around to suit your needs. Whether you use ATT or Verizon, you can see what’s happening at home on your smartphone.


  • Limited Plans- You do, unfortunately, have to choose ATT or Verizon for your service. Vosker could be a little bit more versatile in this one way. Still, almost everything else impressed the heck out of us.
  • AI Alerts- This isn’t a downside, but since your AI controls your alerts, you typically only get the important ones. However, the technology is still reasonably new, so we haven’t seen it in action for long enough to really vouch for it.
  • The One And Only- There’s no way to compare the Vosker to other mobile home security cameras. If you’re wondering why, and the title of this ‘con’ didn’t tip you off, it’s because there’s only one camera that does what a Vosker can. What that means is that, while it’s fabulous for Vosker, this camera is literally peerless (for now). We can’t compare it to a similar product since it’s the only one.

Have a look at what Vosker can provide here.


2. Lorex LNB4163B HDR Bullet Security Camera

Lorex makes excellent security cameras. If you need to catch a package thief, but you’re gone in the night as well as the day, then a fantastic camera like the LNB4163B Bullet can spot the trouble no matter what the lighting conditions. The impressive value combined with optional professional installation gets this indoor-outdoor security camera our second spot on the list.

A security camera that can’t take the weather won’t do you much good if it rains. Package snatchers don’t care about a little drizzle. They make money off your property whether they have to towel off or not. Sadly some cameras just can’t handle moisture, but you’ll never have to worry about that with a Lorex Bullet.

1080p is Okay, but Lorex Can Do Better

HD is excellent for seeing details, but if you want to see better, then the 4MP HD image sensor on this Bullet is twice as clear as regular 1080p. Zoom can also be an issue on other cameras. However, even at full zoom, this camera delivers a picture so bright you’ll be able to see every identifying mark and tiny imperfection on a criminal who takes your packages.

That would be enough to qualify as a fantastic security cam, but Lorex didn’t stop there. They added the True High Dynamic Range (HDR) to improve the picture quality. THDR shows the intricate and hard to capture parts of an image, like high contrast areas with bright and dark spots. Never lose your evidence with a spectacular camera like the Lorex Bullet.


  • Cold Weather Compatibility- Cameras that freeze up won’t help you during the biggest package theft season of the year. Winter holidays mean lots of presents. Naturally, gifts mean more packages are being delivered all over. That brings out the thieves in droves. Your Bullet can make the cut down to -22°F / -30°C. Wherever you live, even in an incredibly chilly winter, you’ll still see everything. No more lost holiday gifts make for a very merry holiday season.
  • Full Color At Night- IR night vision gives great long range shots so that you can film the whole show. You can follow the action from the street all the way up to your front door. You can see 130ft (40m) away in normal nighttime conditions, and up to 90ft (27m) away in total darkness. You won’t find a better picture in such a reasonable price range.
  • Vandal Resistant- The Bullet is designed to stay put. It’s resistant to prying and other forms of removal once properly installed. A thief who wastes their time trying to get rid of the camera will probably just succeed at giving you a very clear shot of their face in the process. That’s a bonus for you since you’ll be able to charge them twice if they’re dumb enough to take the package and run after they fail to wreck your Lorex.


  • Under the Eaves- Though the Lorex Bullet is designed to withstand water, the company still suggests that you install it out of the worst of the rain. Nothing is perfect, and it would be a good idea not to soak your electronics even when they’re meant to take a beating.
  • Semi-Limited Compatibility- The camera itself is compatible with the NR800 Series, LNR110 Series, LNR600 Series or NR900 Series machines. You have to buy them separately unless you pick up a whole house system designed to protect a lot more than a single package.
  • No Further Complaints- As reviews go, we like to give you complete information. When there’s no third fault to find that’s an excellent sign for you as a consumer.

Love a Lorex? Get yours here.

3. Goswift 4K Weatherproof Security Camera

Waiting for a package can be tense. If you need a DNA test, or a new phone because your ex hacked the last one, it’s vital that you get your box on time. Thieves can ruin your day even if you do catch them on candid camera. Tension and worry are bad for your health.

Goswift has a simple solution, secure, and free remote viewing. The windows compatible software allows you to plug and play. All you need is a windows computer. If you don’t have that, then you can download the free app on iPhone or Android. Now you can see when and where your package is delivered. If anyone takes it, you’ll know instantly as you stream the video feed. You can bet police are far more likely to catch a thief if you call them the minute it happens with a description and video images.

Ruggedly Handsome

The sleek minimal bullet design is highly functional, which is why so many products, like cameras and actual gun-bullets, use the form. However, beyond the classic, streamlined looks of the camera, there’s a seriously hardy shell around this security camera.

The IP66 weatherproof rating means that a Goswift Bullet can take the heat. Plus it can also take the cold. Not much will stop this durable beauty from doing its job. That’s something we can all admire.


  • Size Matters- The Goswift bullet is incredibly compact for such a great camera. It’s only five and a half inches long, so it will fit in, even if you don’t have a large space for it. Additionally, at only 14.4 ounces, less than a full pound, it’s not a heavy camera. That makes installation easier.
  • Reset Passwords Securely- Password security is always a concern. With this camera, if you need a password reset you’ll have to contact the company. The extra layer of protection this provides will keep your video under your control. You don’t have to worry about someone hacking in and resetting your passcode without you knowing.
  • No Audio, No Concerns- Though it’s easy enough to argue that no one can expect privacy when stealing boxes off a stranger’s porch, the lack of audio is still a good thing. Wiretapping laws are severe in the USA, and unauthorized soundbites are a source of concern. Rather than risking anything, be sure you won’t accidentally invalidate your evidence.


  • The First Time- Though it’s hard to complain about a first effort, we’re marking the inexperience down as a negative. Doubtless, the already impressive Goswift will be even better in future adaptations.
  • No Reset- Resetting the camera, and passwords for login take extra time. While the added security is a bonus, the flip side of that is a minor hassle if you have any serious issues that need a resetting. It’s hard to find a good compromise between additional security and easy access or use.
  • No Scheduled Email Notifications- Unfortunately, you cannot arrange for email notices on your schedule. It’s not a serious issue, but since we’ve had a hard time finding other issues to put in the ‘cons,’ column, it’s noteworthy. Mostly it’s just a great security camera.

Grab a Goswift before they’re gone right here.

4. Uniden UDSC15 Outdoor Security Camera

Sleek and black, the Uniden UDSC15 blends into the shadows better than a light colored camera if you want to try and hide it, but it might be better not to do so. This outdoor security cam can see forty feet at night, which is an excellent range for a night vision camera. Plus, everything about this model looks and feels professional. You might expect to see one outside a high-security facility where you have to scan in while someone watches your every move from an office elsewhere on the grounds.

As theft deterrents go, there’s nothing like a visible security camera. If a thief is looking for a cam to avoid, they’ll surely spot the Uniden. Most likely, it will make any box grabber rethink going after your deliveries. This neo-classic looking device is a great way to avoid the problem in the first place.

Filtering Information

On top of a nice list of standard indoor-outdoor security features, the UDSC15 has a bonus you won’t find in most models. A special IR Cut Filter makes sure you get every frame in true color. Sometimes, seeing a detail like the exact color of a person’s eyes can make a huge difference. It’s hard for a thief to deny that level of clarity if you have to prove who the culprit was in court.


  • 25 Infrared LEDs- It’s not too hard to see how you can get spectacular nighttime images when you spot the array of LED’s around this lens. The larger number of infrared lights means more illumination, even if a naked human eye wouldn’t notice the difference.
  • Easy as Pie- The setup on your Uniden cameras are always extra easy. It doesn’t take special skills or even much time to get this installed and running. You can pull it out of the box in the morning and set it up before work to catch a package thief during the workday.
  • Goes the Distance- The UDSC15 can transmit up to five hundred feet away. You can stay safe while anything dangerous or illegal is happening. This cam is perfect if you have a panic room, but even if you don’t, it’s a fantastic way to catch the action without becoming part of it. The seven-inch monitor will show you a clear image of whatever goes on within range of the lens.


  • Interference- There are some things that could interfere with your signals strength, and clarity. Exceptionally thick walls, like brick or stone, may get in the way. Metal has also been known to mess with digitally transmitted signals. Consider your placement carefully. If possible a clear, or mostly clear line of sight with no heavy duty thick barriers works best.
  • Proprietary Video- Because of the encoding used to preserve your videos, you can’t just watch them on any device. You will need to use the software made to run this camera. The lack of digital transmission means it’s harder to intercept the video and steal it. That makes this downside more of a fair tradeoff.
  • Paid Shipping- If you end up needing work done on a camera that’s still under warranty, you have to ship it to Uniden. This is fairly standard in many industries, so it’s not a big complaint. However, since it is a small drawback, we thought we’d mention it.

Protect your packages here.

5.  Anpviz Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof Camera

Have you ever looked up at a roof mounted dome camera and thought, “I need one of those. I bet it sees everything,”? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know we found an outstanding option for you. The cutting edge technology in an Anpviz camera will get the shot you need anytime, in any weather or lighting conditions.

The manufacturer is so sure you’ll love it that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or issues, you can call or email them. They get back to you promptly with effective results. They even state, “…we will resolve your problem,” if you contact them directly. Who doesn’t love exceptional customer service? It seems Anpviz is invested in their products and company image more than most.

We Like to Move it

Our favorite feature on the Anpviz is the highly mobile lens. Not only can you do a simple 3x zoom to get a better look at things, but the lens is motorized. You can pan around 350° without an issue to catch a thief in the act anywhere. Furthermore, you get a superb 90° tilt, so you don’t miss part of the shot because it’s out of range. The worry-free nature of a camera that can see everything is noteworthy.


  • Five Megapixels- Five megapixels makes a wonderfully clear image of anything your camera sees. In essence, the higher the megapixels, the easier it is to print an image without distortion. If you ever needed to give the police a picture from your video surveillance so they could catch a crook, you’d have no trouble showing them in vivid detail.
  • Works With You- You can use an Anpviz camera plug and play style with more than a half dozen different systems, so there’s no need to switch all your equipment just to add this camera to your current surveillance setup. Moreover, you can use it with several different software setups as well, including ISpy, Blueiris & Milestone. The adaptability is a real boon.
  • Easy Logins- As soon as you take your camera out you’ll have the default login information. For your convenience, they print it right on the side, so you don’t have to page through any complicated manuals to get your box-thief-cam up and running right away.


  • Sold Separately- You can get a very nice wall mount support for your Anpviz camera. Sadly it’s not included with your purchase. You’ll have to buy it as a standalone piece instead. It would be nice if they could add it on instead, but even so, it’s not hard to install this cam.
  • Slower Panning Speeds- The rotation is one of the most unique and best features. Unfortunately, everything comes at a cost. In this case, the fee is speed. The Anpviz pans at a rate of 120° per second. That means it takes almost three seconds to turn all the way around its almost-full circle and the same amount of time to turn back.
  • “Batteries” Not Included- The power supply isn’t a part of the package deal either. When you buy this camera, you get a camera. If you don’t already have a system in place, then you can get a DC12V 2A Power Adapter easily.

Let Anpviz amaze you here.

Honorable Mention: A False Security Camera to Deter Thieves

Abowone Outdoor Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light

For those who are just looking for a fast, inexpensive deterrent, and prefer not to bother setting up a real camera, you can grab this neat knick-knack. While we do suggest you spend a little more and get a real camera, we thought this was a cool temporary alternative. You can also mix false and real cameras to help increase the ‘obvious’ security visible around your home or business. The light on it even blinks red like a genuine security camera.

Trick the troublemakers here.

Runner Up: Tiny and Sneaky

Relohas Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Anyone who’s ever had a problem with extra savvy sneak thieves knows that some situations call for a more crafty solution. A standard security camera helps deter package nabbers because they can see it. However, for those thieves smart enough to cover their features and keep their getaway vehicle out of sight, we have a solution. Pick a high-quality miniature camera and catch them unaware.

Relohas Mini Spy Camera does almost everything the ‘big boys’ can do, but it’s a whole lot better at hiding. You can stash this 1.45-inch cube in any place with a good view. Stick it in the corner of the eaves, or even under a table on your porch. The possibilities are endless, and the simple-to-use high-quality camera will surprise you.

You can connect your Relohas camera to your home wifi and stream it live to your phone anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on things while you’re away on business, or going out of town for the weekend. With the motion detection and notifications, your phone will let you know only when there’s something to see, so you can move on with your day and not worry the rest of the time.

Don’t miss this hidden gem; get it here.

Final Thoughts

The world can be a stressful and uncertain place. Luckily you can take steps to protect yourself from some problems. You may not be able to prevent theft completely. However, you can make a thief think twice about it. Not only is a camera a considerable preventative measure, but it can help you get your goods back if the worst happens.

The police are often overworked and understaffed. It’s not easy to find the bad guys when you can barely cover your beat. They want to help, but if there’s nothing to go on, it’s hard to find a lead. A great clear image of the person who steals your package can substantially increase the chances that police will recover the stolen property. The chances of getting things back are much higher if you take basic precautions.

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