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Best Dash Cam to Record Police to Keep Them Honest

A police officer can save your life. They can catch criminals, break up fights, and bust meth labs to make the world a safer place. Most of them care about their fellow humans enough to put their life on the line to help keep our society civil. Unfortunately, they’re all human, just like the rest […]

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Best Belt to Use for Defense: Belt it Out

Everyone needs to protect themselves, but you aren’t allowed to bring your gun into many places. If that wasn’t bad enough, you can’t have a taser or pepper spray either. Moreover, you can get in a ton of trouble for being armed. Everything you’ve got to keep yourself safe is suddenly putting you at risk […]

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Best Whips for Self Defense: Whip it Good

Indiana Jones was so cool. That crazy whip that he could do all the tricks with sure saved his life more than once. Before we go too much further, I have to stop right here and let you know that the kind of whip he carried is not what we mean by ‘self-defense whip.’ Keeping […]

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Best Concealer for Hickeys: Cover Story

It was a wonderful, wild night! Unfortunately, the next morning you look in the mirror only to realize you’re covered with hickeys. You look like a hormonal teenager. Your boss and co-workers don’t need to see this. More importantly, neither do the kids or your friends. Hickeys can be a lot of fun, but they […]

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Which Padlocks Are Most Secure: Unbreakable

Every lock can fail. Given sufficient tools, time, and motivation, a master locksmith can open most, and enough pressure will eventually break the rest. Even diamonds break. However, the average thief isn’t prepared for heavy duty, (mostly) theft-proof locks. Though an angry spouse or a paid PI is more persistent than the average pilferer, they […]

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