Best Lock for Locker Room: Secure What You Have

A safe place is something we all want and deserve. Sadly, when a relationship goes wrong, being at home can become a nightmare. Feeling terrified that someone might dig into your life, or whatever is left of it when things are falling apart is a reality for too many people.

You may have trouble with your spouse being invasive. Alarmingly, they might pry into your private information. Additionally, if things are very unpleasant, you might be concerned about who they could hire to investigate you. It’s nerve-wracking. Be sure to protect your interests.

Safety First

Getting your sensitive information away from prying eyes should be your priority. Of course, the only question is how to accomplish that. In this case, hiding things around the house is a terrible plan. Moreover, giving things to your lawyer or a friend might obligate them to disclose what they have.

The solution is simple enough. You need a place to store anything that matters to you securely. A locker in a reasonably well-trafficked area like a gym locker room won’t restore your marriage, but it might bring you peace of mind and privacy.

You can keep your papers, thumb drives, or whatever small items you need to remain private in an inconspicuous, yet secure location. Of course, to do that effectively, you need a really high-quality lock.

Some standard locks can fail with a couple of taps from a hammer. Alternately, others can be jimmied with a paperclip, or popped open with pressure from a couple of nut wrenches. Using the best lock will help keep your privileged information safe.

Could Someone Use Stolen Evidence Against Me in Court

Is stolen evidence admissible? Sadly, the answer is typically yes. Though courts have the right to refuse some stolen evidence in some cases, overall, it’s allowed. Proof of crime shows wrongdoing, throwing that out doesn’t make much sense.

Eventually, you could create a civil action for theft later. Realistically, that’s about all you can do. Regardless of how courts may discourage stealing proof, it’s not necessarily inadmissible because it’s stolen.

It’s best to avoid the situation entirely by keeping anything important hidden. Do whatever is necessary to stay safe. Making sure it’s incredibly difficult to reach is the best way to store sensitive information, thus, lock it up. Objectively, it might tip off your spouse to your concerns or even look suspicious. As long as they can’t use something against you, it doesn’t matter because suspicion isn’t evidence.

So Many Locks

Basic padlocks have been around for a long time. The earliest models date back to 500 B.C. It’s no wonder there are so many types: people have been making and upgrading them for thousands of years. Creating the best lock is no small task.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that locksmiths began die-casting their locks. Essentially this means they forced pressurized molten metal into a cavity created by two ‘dies’ or mold pieces. What that means for you is a stronger lock.

The new process allowed them to customize locks to a greater degree than before. You could have a padlock for every situation because of the new technology. Fortunately for you, locksmiths never stopped innovating and creating better locks.

What’s in a Lock

How do you choose the right lock for your needs? Googling, “padlocks” gets you a hundred seventy-four million hits. Narrowing it down can feel overwhelming. Learning enough about how a lock is made to help you understand what you’re purchasing won’t take long. Locks have a few key variations that matter.

Ward Locks

Wards are the oldest form of locks. They resemble a modern, regular lock, but inside they are very simple. A key moves a piece of curved metal out of the way so the shackle (also called a shank) can be pulled out. Ward locks are easy to pick, requiring only a slightly curved or bent piece of metal.

Tumbler Locks

A Tumbler lock is more advanced. The cylinders are tiny and usually more numerous. They can be set at different depths and cut into varying shapes to create added difficulty. Tumbler locks use keys as well, but the keys are far more complex.

Combination Locks

Inside combination locks, disks of metal with cutouts or ‘gateways’ rotate into place. This allows you to pull the hasp open. Once you dial in the right combination, the notched shackle can move freely because the gateways don’t obstruct the notches.

Biometric Electronic Locks

Some locks are very high tech. However, technology has become very accessible. Fingerprint locks are easy to find now. Naturally, the benefit of using a biometric lock is that you can’t lose the key. Also, no one can steal it from you.

Recommended Locks

Hopefully, I’ve made it easier to understand what makes a lock the best. You’re probably under too much stress as it is, worrying about how to find a good product should be the least of your concerns.

To protect yourself better, you just have to pick a locker and a great lock. Gyms, airports, train stations, and many other locations have public lockers. Always check to see if there’s a time limit on your locker before you leave sensitive information inside.

Sadly, there are still hundreds of variations on every kind of lock. Being spoiled for choice can be a disadvantage when you need a fast solution.

I always suggest a combination or biometric lock. They’re harder to break into than a keyed lock when they’re made right. Plus you needn’t worry about someone taking your key. To help you find the right one, I’m providing my top five picks.

1. 4 Digit Combination Lock by Desired Tools

Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination lock solves two fundamental problems that many of us share.


Finding your locker can be like finding your car in a crowded parking lot. Unfortunately, when things look the same, and you have a generic lock, you run the risk of losing your stuff or at least wasting a ton of time. If you think you’re in danger of being followed, never linger. You don’t want someone to spot the combination over your shoulder. Consequently, the faster you can get in and out, the safer it is for you.

You may even need to give someone the slip entirely. That’s harder to do when you have to hunt for your things. Just a little wasted time can ruin a great plan. Take the guesswork out by grabbing a colored lock. Red is my top choice for visibility. If it’s not your color, they have several options, including a very popular green.

Should you happen to prefer a plain lock, grab a less flashy color instead. Desire Tools has you covered with plain black and silver if you need to blend instead of sticking out.


Remembering a code can be a pain. It helps when you get to set your own. This lock allows you to pick your digits with ease. You won’t need special tools. Simply select a number you can’t forget, and they’ll never guess.

Stay safe and keep things simple. It’s a win-win situation for you. Getting in and out fast is one of the best ways to keep your private info secured.

Check out prices and find the right color for you here.

2. RoMech 2nd Gen Smart Bluetooth Keyless Biometric Lock

Go hi-tech with this smart choice. If you’ve never used an electronic or biometric lock before, don’t be intimidated. RoMech makes a great keyless, combination free lock. Fortunately, more accessible than remembering combinations or worrying about your keys, you can use your phone and finger to control this fantastic lock. If you want, you can even add someone you trust. Just be careful who you pick.

Should you need someone to have access, you have them sign up with RoMech on their smartphone. You can give permission, but even better, you can also take it away. Since you control their access, you can change it at any time. It’s much safer than hoping they forget your combination or fiddling around with resets. Plus, you’ll save money when you never need a new lock.

You’ll need to charge the lock fully first. Then register and download the app to control it. If you lose your phone or burn your finger, you always have a backup way to get into the lock. Don’t worry; it only takes a few minutes to register and get set up.

It Gets Better

The 2nd Gen Smart Bluetooth Keyless Biometric Lock is dust and waterproof. You can charge it with a USB (included with purchase), and it will hold a charge for up to a year in standby mode. 

You can unlock your keyless lock up to 2500 times on a charge. It takes just a second to unlock, and the angle you put your finger on the pad won’t matter. Moreover, it stays locked even if the battery runs out. So you never have to worry about a bad failsafe leaving your things exposed.

You can change your preferences once you install the app, and the company typically gives prompt responses to any questions you may have. Add the one year warranty, and it’s hard to find a reason not to want this lock.

See how easy it is to upgrade to hi-tech here.

3. Master Lock 1535DWD Combination Padlock

Shims can be a problem, especially for combination locks. You can pick a lousy lock with nothing more than a piece of a soda can. Not the 1535DWD. An anti-shim locking mechanism helps prevent loss.

As a lock designed for indoor use, this is a great way to keep a locker secured. Just like the numerical version, you can program this padlock. Pick your word from the massive number of available combinations.

You can use a name, or whatever is most comfortable for you to remember. Just keep in mind that savvy spouses or other snoops might guess an obvious choice. Always shield your password from prying eyes and potential hidden cameras.

Conversely, you can set a random letter combo to thwart anyone who might try and guess your word choice. Ten thousand possible combinations should be enough to keep anyone guessing. The ability to fool potential thieves and spies is an unexpected bonus for a combination lock.

The cylindrical and weighty appearance is also an excellent deterrent by itself. Imposing looking security helps convince potential thieves that they can’t get through.

Choose this clever lock here.

4. BV Combination Alloy Padlock

Seeking something a little more unique? This beautiful and unusual looking lock has a standard shackle so it will fit anywhere a ‘regular,’ lock goes.

The BV Alloy Padlock goes a step further than most combination locks. A standard ‘dial’ lock has three digits where most number and word locks only have four. This excellent alternative may look simple, but the extra digit matters. With ten numbers per dial (0-9) and five dials, there are a hundred thousand possible combinations.

To put that in perspective, it would take an average person two days without breaks for sleep, food, or the bathroom to count to 100,000. Guessing the number would be one long weekend for any would-be investigator trying to get into your locker without getting caught.

Find this unusually secure lock here.

5. Master Lock 653D Combination Padlock

When you’re faced with fear and uncertainty, or you’ve just emerged from a workout, damp hands can be an issue.  Fumbling to get your code in is no fun even when you aren’t in a rush. The 653D has a nice non-slip grip to help with this potential hazard.

Like all the best locks, the bright colors help distinguish your lock from others instantly. Predictably, the neon yellow and orange options are especially visible and may work better in low light. Certainly, darker colors become muddied quickly when things are dim.

No one locks a locker because they feel safe, but when you have other reasons to be concerned, it helps to know you have a lock that won’t cut easily. Hence, the hardened steel shackle on this padlock is resistant to cutting.

We all know that nothing in life is perfect. As a result buying from a company that will stand behind their products is always the wisest choice. A 653D comes with a limited lifetime warranty included.

To learn more about this great lock, check here.

Final Thoughts

Securing your possessions is a time-honored tradition. Although life can be extremely unpredictable, safety shouldn’t be. Make sure you always do your homework before choosing any security equipment, even a simple lock.

Honestly, no one needs the added stress of their locker being broken into. When you have serious safety and privacy concerns a little peace of mind can do wonders for you. Happily, having the best lock can help you rest a little easier.

Buyer beware, cheap locks are usually made of cheap materials. A combination or biometric lock is a lot harder to break into than a standard keyed tumbler lock. When your privacy is at stake, it’s worth a little extra money to ensure it. Luckily, knowing your belongings are safe is worth it. That said, a decent high-quality lock doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg as I’ve shown you here.

What’s your favorite lock for keeping out prying eyes? Please, leave a comment and don’t forget to share this article.

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