Best Self Defense Weapon For Car: Attackers Beware

Best Self Defense Weapon For Car

A dark parking lot or side street, even in a nice neighborhood can be dangerous. If you have ever had to walk to your car at night and felt a chill go down your spine, then you know why you need a self-defense weapon in your vehicle. The nightmare feeling that you’ve stepped into some horror movie is your situational awareness telling you there’s potential for danger.

Maybe you’ll be lucky, and you’ll never have to worry about an attack. What if you’re not fortunate though? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Knowing the best self-defense to keep in your car could save your life, or someone else’s.

Easy Vs. Sensible

Let’s fly right past a gun and a baseball bat. Those are typical solutions, and you could go that route. Please choose something more unexpected. Having a weapon in your car that doesn’t immediately look like a weapon can give you an edge.

Moreover, if you live in an area where carrying a weapon solely for defense is illegal, then most weapons are out of the question. You always want something that serves another purpose. If you are pulled over or asked questions by police, you’d better have a good reason for keeping a weapon within reach. Like it or not, you can’t just install a sword sheath in your door panel.

What good would it do you to fend off an attack if you end up jailed? Being incarcerated for self-defense is a whole other nightmare. Your chances of being attacked in jail are

Advantages of the Unexpected

All you need is a moment’s hesitation from your attacker, and you can strike. Getting the drop on someone who is effectively hunting you isn’t easy. If your assailant has the experience, you could be in a world of trouble.

Everyone has probably seen a gun or taser before. Your attacker may have scoped you out to see if it looks like you had any weapons on you already. Most likely, they have weighed the risk and have an assumption about how you’ll react. They are less likely to know what to do if you reach into your car and throw a handful of sand in their face then grab your cricket bat.

Not everyone is comfortable with keeping fine sand in their door panel or other compartments. You have to weigh what works and keeps you safe against your comfort levels. If you won’t use the sand, it’s not an effective weapon.

Making a Victim

Most criminal aggressors who are looking to mug or rape a victim aren’t doing this for the first time. It’s not something a person does on a whim. The occasion may be spontaneous when a victim opportunity presents itself, but the intention is not.

The Mind of a Criminal

When a professional investigator begins a case, they look for information about the victims and check for a pattern of other similar victims. Inevitably, muggers and other victimizers all start somewhere, but they seldom stop. Sadly, you’re almost certainly not being assaulted by a first timer.

Please don’t mistake the meaning here, because rehabilitation is always possible. Truthfully, people are capable of incredible acts of self-reformation. Sadly it’s not as common as it should be.

Body Language

Don’t walk like a victim. There’s more to it than the walk, but we can start there. To look less like a victim… walk normally. Take a medium length stride, neither slow nor rushed. It may seem strange, but rushing like you have somewhere to be is as bad as strolling like you’re window shopping.

Pay attention to the world around you. No one wants to look crazy. Your head shouldn’t be on a swivel like you owe a bookie money, but don’t get monofocal either. Make sure you check out your surroundings regularly, but not every two steps.

As much as you may feel the urge to go out of your way to avoid being a victim, that’s what makes you stand out. But wait, doesn’t everyone have times when they’re strolling, or rushing? Well, yes, they do.

Many of the things people do to avoid notice and interaction are sending other messages. Conversely, the things you might expect, don’t necessarily make you a target. Being older, or small and female doesn’t necessarily paint a target on your back. Walking around looking for directions, talking on the phone, being too quiet and refusing to make eye contact, on the other hand, makes you an appealing target.

Stand Up For Yourself

If you can’t altogether avoid being attacked, you have to protect yourself. No one likes to think of themselves as a potential victim. Being prepared either feels paranoid or like it’s never enough. Which side of that line you fall on probably depends on whether, or how recently you’ve been attacked. If it sounds pessimistic

  • It’s Probably Going to Happen: You may think that getting victimized is like getting hit by lightning or being in a plane crash. It’s not. You are more likely to be assaulted than not. A Stunning 73% of women and 89% of men report being attacked in their lifetime. Additionally, many incidents go unreported.
  • No One is Going to Save You: If you think being in a group will keep you safe, sadly you’d be wrong again. The more people there are, the more likely it is that everyone will expect someone else to help you instead. The Bystander Effect is well documented. *
  • You Will Suffer: I’d love to tell you that being victimized is as bad as it gets. It would be a disservice and a lie if I did. Horrifically, many people who are physically assaulted or threatened end up with PTSD symptoms. Reliving the experience, paranoia, or becoming angry and withdrawn are just some of the ways it manifests.

What Can You Do

If you’re ever in trouble in a crowd, look directly at the first stranger you can make eye contact with. Then, state the problem and tell them to take an immediate and specific action. “I’m bleeding, call me an ambulance,” is better than, “Someone help me.” Anything less isn’t likely to get you as much help.

When you are alone, take extra precautions. Get proactive. Take a self-defense class, or carry a personal alarm. And absolutely make sure you have a weapon in your car, particularly if you walk through parking garages at night.

Intro Section

1- Street Hockey Stick

It worked for Casey Jones. To be fair, he didn’t have a car, and he was a fictional vigilante protector of the innocent. Maybe your attacker will get the joke. Luckily, even if they don’t, everyone knows that hockey players aren’t known for their sweet temperaments.

Lots of people carry bats in their cars, but a hockey stick is longer, to keep strangers at a distance. The advantages of an imposing looking weapon that holds a potential assailant further from your body are twofold. First, the unusual, yet familiar shape is menacing on its own. Second, they aren’t going to touch you from four or five feet away.

Reason to Carry in Car: Playing Hockey

When you plan to carry a large weapon in your vehicle, it’s obviously more likely to be noticed. Given that information, you need to be sure that your reason for carrying it is legitimate. Hockey is a lot of fun.

Choose some pucks, and bring your inline skates so that it’s not just a giant fancy stick in your car. Also, keep in mind, they’re made left and right-handed for a reason. Get the right one for your hands if you want the best swing.


  • A patented ‘jet flo’ blade allows air to pass through the end, giving you less resistance. That can mean a faster swing.
  • The blade is replaceable. If you happen to break or seriously damage the end, you swap it for a new one.
  • The handle is solid wood. Additionally, you can get it in several different lengths to adjust to your size.


  • You will have to learn at least enough about street hockey to sound like a novice.
  • Size isn’t everything. While it can be an advantage, you need to know how to use it well for the best effect.
  • It’s a little heavier than most people are used to handling. At approximately two pounds, for the 53″ version, that can add up fast. Fortunately, since you always want to escape or get help quickly, you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

Check out this resilient option here.

2- VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Aluminum Series 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little smaller than a giant hockey stick. A taser is a great option for up-close and personal situations. You don’t need any real training or special information to use this clever option. Plus the bright color makes it easier to spot if your car is cluttered.

Like most well-designed flashlights, this one has a nice anti-roll body design. Vipertek used a heavy duty type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy to make the VTS-T03. You’ll find it light and sturdy at 14.4 ounces.

You’ll have three lighting options, full power, a dimmer setting, and a strobe function. There’s a DNA collector on the end (sharp cutting edge to help identify the attacker if they escape). The powerful electrical discharge makes a loud enough sound to scare away some predators, and the rest will undoubtedly feel the power if you have to zap them.

Reason to Carry in Car: It’s a Super Bright Flashlight

Sure, it will knock out an assailant, but it also allows you to spot whatever just rolled under your driver’s seat. Every driver should have a good flashlight in their glove compartment or trunk. You might be surprised how often you need it.

If you ever have to change a tire at night or find something in your trunk, you’ll be glad this is part of your car gear. As a multifunctional tool, this is one of those unexpectedly excellent choices.


  • 350 Lumens is very bright. This isn’t just a flashlight in name. It’s useful. If you need to see in the dark, this will do the job.
  • Two buttons make it easy to operate. You can switch from the light to taser function without readjusting your grip.
  • It’s got a 100,000-hour bulb. Fortunately, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about the bulb burning out since it will last over eleven years.


You cannot carry one of these if you live somewhere that it’s illegal. In fact, they won’t even ship to you. Check this list of places it’s illegal to make sure you don’t end up in hot water with your clever flashlight taser. Also, double check your local laws to be certain. There are a handful of cities and counties that don’t allow people to carry a taser within their limits.

  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin

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3- Hike ‘N Strike 950,000 volt Extreme Walking Stick

Our other stun gun option is just as unique looking. The Hike ‘N Strike is created for hikers. The lightweight aluminum walking stick will keep you on the trail. Alternately, you can stick it in your car for any emergency that might occur.

The optional yellow reflective band and loop make this easy to spot and carry. With this choice, you’ll have the advantages of a stick and a powerful taser combined. City or country you can keep yourself safe with an Extreme Walking Stick.

The powerful 950,000 volts should be more than enough to stun whatever you hit. When time is of the essence, and you have to get to safety, you don’t want to mess around with low voltage options. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with this great defensive item.

Reason to Carry in Car: I Hike Alone, There Are Wild Animals

A rustling in the bushes could be a cute bunny or a started bird. In an ideal world that’s all the jump scare, you’d ever have to experience in the wild. Sadly, in reality, that’s not how things work. Frequently, solo hikers report encounters of all types. Don’t risk being attacked empty-handed.

Did you know that hundreds of people go missing in National Parks each year? An average search lasts about ten days, and most people are found. However, not everyone makes it out alive. It’s also interesting to note that no one who was known to be carrying a firearm has ever been reported missing. If you can’t take a gun, this is an excellent alternative.


  • Telescopic. Adjustable length means you can have a short stick in your car, and a long one for hiking. Additionally, it means you can adapt it to your height.
  • Removable end cap protects from accidental shock and helps avoid sinking in different soil conditions. The endcap has a hole to allow for flashlight use
  • Batteries included. Though you will need batteries for this device, they come as part of the package, so you don’t have to search them out. That means you have everything you need to start using your Hke ‘N Strike the day it arrives.


  • You have to remove the cap to use the taser. Resultantly, the same feature that keeps you safe also takes a second or two longer to get to.
  • The flashlight is at ground level. Fortunately, this is both a boon and a minor inconvenience. A low flashlight is outstanding for seeing what you’re stepping on. Unfortunately, if you plan to point it at something human-sized, it takes longer to swing into place so you can identify the target.
  • It’s more effective if you practice. This is not a point-and-click weapon. Of course, it’s not too hard to figure out how to hit someone over the head, but you’ll want to do regular run-throughs of the motion it takes to use your taser.

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4- Hickory Stick2

This hilarious company may have a sense of humor, but their products are seriously useful. While suggested uses range from fishing to big rig driving, the usefulness of a grooved piece of incredibly solid wood can never be overstated.

You can easily wield this like a club if necessary. It’s lightweight at just 9.9 ounces. Furthermore, at just under 18 inches long, you won’t have too much trouble finding a place to stash this. You could get several of them to put in different spots. (Of course, that would look a little odd if your car gets searched.)

The simple loop in the handle makes it easy to hold on to. You’re less likely to lose your Hickory Stick2 if you have it attached at the wrist like a Wii controller.

Reason to Carry in Car: Thumping Tires & Fish

While some people will argue that a tire thumper is a weapon, they are used to check truck tires in big rig trucks. Truckers can tell, to an extent, when their tires have good pressure just by giving them a solid smack. If it makes a solid resounding thwack, the tire is full.

Possibly the best option is to use this as part of fishing gear. Undoubtedly, you can indeed crack a skull with it. Happily, as long as the skull belongs to your legitimate dinner, you’re okay admitting that. Of course, you should make sure you have a current fishing license. Add some lures or other fishing accouterments in the car.


  • Beautifully turned, the Hickory2 is grooved for a better grip. The company added its logo on one side. So, everyone will know where you got your hickory stick. That’s a nice feature since it makes it look a lot less like you grabbed some stick off the ground.
  • Probably the most helpful thing about carrying a stick is that it is easy to use. No buttons or batteries means you don’t need to do much, and it doesn’t require any special skills to use.
  • Hickory is incredibly strong. Other than mahogany and some exotic woods, Hickory is the hardest wood on the Janka Scale. Most likely, you won’t break this even if it sees a lot of use.


  • There aren’t many bonus features. Beyond the logo, ridges, and wrist loop, this is not high tech. Ultimately, it’s great if you want something simple, but there are no bells or whistles at all.
  • Tire thumping isn’t the best excuse to carry what looks like an early ancestor of the billy club. It’s not that hard to make a convincing argument that this is a weapon.
  • If you don’t have a CDL, it might look suspicious. Therefore, you may want to stash this near some fishing equipment.

Test your own when you pick one up here.

5- Spearfishing Gun or Pistol Crossbow

Maybe you want an utterly lethal option, but you can’t carry a gun. Whether you have your own felony charges in the past, or it’s just illegal in your area, it doesn’t matter. Because there are times and places when you cannot carry a proper firearm, there has to be a way to use a lethal projectile.

Consequently, one of these two choices should suit your needs. Making a choice should be logical. For instance, many people are just more comfortable with a smaller weapon, while others feel size may help discourage an attacker more easily. Either way, you’ll have an exceptional projectile for protection and hunting.

Reason to Carry in Car: Learning to Spearfish or Bowhunt

You will need appropriate licensing to hunt or fish, but they aren’t hard to acquire. For example, many spearfishing licenses are available at bait shops. Pick one up for about forty dollars and rest easy knowing you’re covered. These weapons are legal and readily available.

As a result, the most crucial choice here is whether you want a long or short option. Though the parallels aren’t perfect, a spear gun is more like carrying a rifle because of the length. Alternately, if you prefer a short handheld option that fires more like a handgun, a pistol crossbow is an excellent choice.


  • These options are designed as weapons. Furthermore, they function like weapons, so you’ll feel secure knowing you have a real weapon.
  • Regardless of the size, projectiles are incredibly effective. They have real and entirely lethal stopping power.
  • You can always pick up both and keep one in the trunk.


  • Aiming takes practice. If you’re at point blank range, it won’t matter so much. Moreover, you should probably avoid shooting at a fleeing attacker, so it’s not all bad news.
  • Unfortunately, if you let your license lapse, you could get in trouble twice for having these weapons. Naturally, you’ll want to be vigilant about keeping current. Luckily, being fined for an outdated license is hardly a serious issue.
  • Both of these weapons should be stored unloaded for safety reasons. As a result, you’ll want to practice loading and unloading to avoid the additional risk.

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Order my favorite pistol crossbow right here.

Final Thoughts

Protecting yourself is essential. How you choose to do so is a matter of personal choice and comfort. Don’t let a laundry list of choices stump you. Just select a place to start, you can always change your mind later. The biggest mistake you can make is opting to wait too long. Don’t become a victim of your own indecision.

Equally important, be sure to check your local legislation. It’s shocking how often people forget that detail. If you live in the countryside and work in town, or travel, you can go from savvy and well protected to criminal within a few feet.

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