Nanny Cam Child Can Wear: See The Truth With Your Own Eyes

Nanny Cam Child Can Wear: See The Truth With Your Own Eyes

Wondering what the kids are up to is a parental prerogative. It’s your job to make sure your children are always safe. While it’s certainly impossible to keep them from every little bump and bruise they get learning to walk or ride a bike, you can be sure your nanny is doing a great job.

A stationary camera is fine. There are some great options out there, but what about when your kid is moving around? Toys get lost or misplaced. They also fall face down, but a small wearable camera is different. Once you stitch it in, it’s not going anywhere. Technology is terrific, and peace of mind is even better.

Can I Film My Nanny and Children

Yes. You can put nanny cams in your home in all 50 states. There are some exceptions to the rule, however. For example, it’s generally not legal to film people in the bathroom. Likewise, some states have laws against recording without consent.

When it comes to filming your children, as the consenting parent or guardian, you have that right until they reach majority. The same bathroom rules apply, and there may be cases when bedroom filming is considered illegal, especially with teenagers.

Use Caution

Be wary of their feelings and their privacy as well. You don’t want to make your toddler paranoid. They need a little freedom to feel like they can try things without scrutiny, and they should trust their caretakers. You want a nanny who promotes a safe and healthy amount of bonding and can gain your child’s trust.

You may not want or need to explain that you’re putting in a camera to watch the babysitter in any detail. Maybe not at all if your child is chatty or easily concerned.

I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t give you legal advice. Always check your local laws before you put in a camera. Some states have specific legislation related to filming in your own home, and all of them regulate what and when you can record.

Put it in Writing

The easiest way to obtain consent is to draw up a work contract for your nanny. Add specific wording to let them know there may be nanny cams present. If you’re in doubt how to say that, ask a lawyer.

While consent differs from just hiding cameras, you still shouldn’t try putting cameras near toilets. The same goes for places your nanny might change clothing. For example, a bedroom, if they live with you.

Are Nannies Dangerous

Nannies are not more dangerous than most people and in fact, only account for about 4% of crimes against children under six years old. That’s significantly less than most people. However, four percent is still too much. It’s always best to be safe.

What Can a Mini Camera Show Me

There are limits, but not a lot of them. For example, if your kid is laying on top of the camera, it’s only filming the surface beneath them. However, you can get plenty of great optional features.

Predictably, it all depends on which camera you purchase. Check out some of these standard features to see what you might need for your nanny cam before you buy.

  • Night Vision- A unique use of lights that are below the visible spectrum allows the camera to pick up and translate what your eyes cannot.
  • HD- High definition means you’ll have an exceptionally clear picture.
  • motion detection
  • Loop Recording- This feature means you’ll have a continuous recording even when the memory unit is full on the camera because it overwrites the existing memory. Of course, that means you have to be vigilant about uploading, but it’s a nice feature anyhow.
  • Record While Charging- Some cameras have to be turned off to charge, but others do not.
  • WiFi- A Wifi camera may need to be within the range of your home wifi signal or an open public source to record. It is also more likely to pair with your smartphone or tablet so you can monitor live at a distance.
  • USB Interface- This means you can plug it in via a USB cable. Often that means you can upload to your computer after the fact as needed or charge easily.
  • Smartphone Streaming- Some cameras can send a live real-time feed directly to your phone.
  • Digital Image Stabilization- Technology can even help a shaky camera image come in more clearly.

What Other Steps Can I Take

Cameras are great for catching the moment, but you want a more complete picture of what’s going on with a person you let into your home. Your children are your responsibility always, even when you’re not with them.

All the love in the world won’t keep them safe. Vigilance and caution will help. Also, always listen to your instincts. If everything checks out perfectly and seems too good to be true, but you have a funny feeling, take a pass. There are plenty of nannies out there. You don’t have to settle for the first one you meet.

  • References- Always ask for references. Any experienced nanny should be able to provide the names and phone numbers of former clients. A new, younger nanny might not have these credentials, but they may have other job experience. Don’t just ask, call, and check.
  • Background Check- Photocopy her ID and run a background check. They aren’t expensive, and you can do them online in minutes. There’s no excuse to avoid it.
  • Contract- Write up a formal agreement. Detail exactly what you expect, and need from the nanny. Make sure she reads it. If she hesitates to sign, let her watch someone else’s children.

Top 5 Wearable Nanny Cams for Your Kids

Naturally, not every camera comes with the same features. You’ll have to decide what suits your needs the best. Finding a nanny cam to suit your budget and situation doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. This carefully curated list should help you make a smart choice.

1- Wiseup Mini Shirt Cam

Teeny tiny spy cameras are something we usually only see or hear about on film, but they certainly exist. You can even get your own at a reasonable price these days. Our first pick is the cheerful smiley face pin Wiseup Shirt Cam.

Seriously Small

This camera is cleverly disguised as a smiley face pin.  The video recording capabilities will stun you, especially from a device that looks like a cheery emoji, the sort any child might pin on their shirt.

This pin is cute enough to fit with any child’s wardrobe and can be used on a jacket or shirt front easily. With a built-in 8 GB memory card, plus a long battery life, you can record video for up to a hundred minutes. The included memory will hold up to six hours of recordings, but you can also have an additional 36GB Micro SDXC Class 10 SD Card into a slot on the side, which should take easily more than triple that.

Be aware that you’ll need to attach this firmly to clothing so it can’t be removed because it can fit in a small mouth. Older children should be alright using the included clip to attach the camera. Always be exceptionally careful, attaching delicate equipment to a young child’s clothing. If there’s a choking hazard, consider stationary cameras out of reach instead.

Convenient buttons on the sides of pin allow you to use the simple functions. One button turns the power on, and another toggles recording on and off. Simple controls are a bonus for older children who can choose when to turn it on if they want you to see something. You don’t need super-spy training to use this incredible tech.

Easy Access

Finding a compatible micro USB is easy. You may want to pick up several so you can rotate them out and upload to your computer or phone for later viewing.

The camera comes with a built-in mini USB port for easy recharging. Additionally, the powerful 3.7V 215mAh Polymer Lithium Battery is also integrated so you’ll never have to fuss with changing batteries on this little wonder.

The bottom of the pin has an indicator light to help you with charging. That means no wasted time or power, so you can get back to recording promptly.

Other Uses

You’ll be surprised at how handy these tiny cameras are. Use them to record meetings at work without any unwieldy equipment to lug around. Going somewhere special? Take snippets of your vacation or important outings for home video collections. You can relive the best memories and important occasions by watching them from your own perspective.

Did you finally get rid of your cheating ex? When you meet the true love of your life, you can record your proposal (local laws permitting) and upload it to your social media stream to share with the world. Revenge and love are both sweet, why not double down on the treat?

Check out this marvelous miniature here.

2- Cross Necklace Mini Camera

If you’re seeking a more complex piece of micro-recording equipment, then this tiny wonder is perfect for you. The camera is styled as a cross, for those who want to protect their children but need to do more than pray for things to turn out alright.

So Many Features

The cross camera, necklace, USB charger, and manual to help you get started are all included in the package. Plus the sheer number of available features on this incredibly small piece of jewelry will astound you.

  • Video- You can record high definition images, even in low light conditions.  This incredibly tiny camera can support 720 or 480 at 30 fps.
  • Pictures- Take still images, just like a handheld camera.
  • Audio- Do more with the ability to hear what’s happening around your child. Please beware, there is a considerable difference legally between video and sound recordings. It may be illegal to record voices without permission, so always check your local laws. The only thing worse than finding out something terrible happened is watching the criminal walk free while you risk jail time for illegal recording.
  • Plug and Play Upload- This simple format will let you view the recordings on your computer in the minimum number of steps.
  • Supports Webcam Chat With Network- The option to connect your cross cam with your network is incredibly useful. This might allow live streaming depending on how your home network is configured.

Always Know

You probably don’t want to watch the wall for an hour while your little one takes a nap. No worries, this cam will turn itself off after just one minute of inactivity. You can take a quick peek anytime, and you don’t need to worry about missing any special moments or worrisome events while you work.

Pick up one of these before they completely sell out here.

3- LKcare Bracelet Spy Camera

For those who want to take their nanny camera to the next level, this bracelet cam is a fantastic upgrade. Lots of minicams record, but this one can also track your child anywhere.

Record Away

Because the Bracelet Spy Camera can record continuously while plugged in, it’s one of the longest recording cams on our list. Though this is less practical when your kiddo is on the go, you can leave this plugged in by their bed at night and keep an eye on their sleep as well.

With pedometer and calorie counting functions, you can get the most out of the Bracelet Spy Cam at a price almost as small as the HD camera inside it. Plus, this versatile option can support up to a 128 GB memory card.

Older kids can use them to record bullying at school. As a parent, you’ll be able to intervene more quickly if you can walk into the principals’ office with a video of the incident.

Not every use has to be based on safety. You can also have your kids wear this to soccer practice to help them improve. Try it on your little ballerina to get a first-person view of their latest show rehearsal.

A Company That Cares as Much as You Do

LKcare offers a lifetime ‘problem solving,’ assistance service. They are willing to go the extra mile with their customer service. In fact, they also provide a replacement service.

The bracelet is designed to be easy and comfortable to use. A large display screen and icons will help you (or your older child) keep track of things like the time and how many steps they’ve taken that day. It doesn’t display the videos it records, however, because that would give the secret away.

The embedded light and vibrating function help remind the wearer of the battery status and other essential details of its function. More importantly, parents can download the app and pair the device to their smartphone for easy monitoring.

Get your new favorite safety accessory here.

4- USB Camera by ehomful

All small cameras are versatile, but ehomful did their recon when they put this product together. Plenty of cameras are wearable, but most of them don’t look like ordinary USB drives. The ehomful mini body camera goes a step further because it functions just like a USB as well. 

Top of the Line

  • Fast Charging: Sadly, most mini cameras require at least 2-6 hours to recharge, but not this marvelous mini. With an estimated charge time of 1.5 hours, it’s one of the fastest charging wearable cameras available. Moreover, you can charge it with a USB or by plugging it into your computer.
  • Long Recording Time: The longer recording time on this exceptional device means you can leave your child with the sitter on date-night and not have to worry about what they’re doing while you’re out.
  • HD & Loop Recording: Because it’s so easy to upload, you don’t have to worry about clearing and reformatting your memory cards when you finish. Ehomful’s USB Camera will continue to record stunning HD images right over the old files when the memory space fills up.

Even More Uses

Do you, your spouse or kids enjoy bike riding? Attach this ingenious device to the basket on your pedal-powered ride for a great video and added security. With luck, you’ll never need it, but if you do, having a video of what happened can change everything.

Jogging alone can be a dangerous pastime. Stay safer with a wearable camera. You can record your best times and personal milestones as well.

Once your little ones grow up and no longer need a nanny or a nanny cam, box this up and send it to college with them. If their roommates steal from the fridge or borrow clothing without asking, your young adult can show off their maturity and footage to prove the crime.

Learn more about this fantastic device here.

5- Spy Cam Hat

We’ve all seen ‘spy glasses,’ but spy hats are something new. This innovative and forward thinking cap comes with an adjustable strap to fit different sized heads, plus a front facing camera to give you a view from the wearers perspective. There are a few baseball caps on the market with incredibly noticeable mini cameras, but nothing like this stylish and sneaky hat.

Other Nice Touches

If you’re going to film what happens when you’re not around, you don’t want the final product to look like late night security footage from a convenience store in the early 90s. Fortunately, you’ll never need to worry about that with the 1080P HD camera built to fit inside a cleverly hidden pocket.

If you ever have a problem, the JOYCAM will provide support and answer any questions you have. Also, they’re adding a two month 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will replace parts if necessary.

The spy hat comes with a Lithium Polymer battery for an outstanding estimated recording time of a hundred and sixty minutes. You can capture video or photos. A sixteen GB micro SD and USB cable are included along with a users manual. However, our favorite feature is the remote control.

Keep an eye on what truly matters here.

Final Thoughts

You’ll always worry about them, but at least you can keep an eye on who’s around while they’re little. Date night can be distraction free when you know you can trust the person watching your kids because you’ve been watching them.

Whether you only need an hour, or you want to monitor what happens around your children constantly to keep them safe, a wearable nanny cam is a wonderful solution. After all, why worry, when you can know?

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